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All the guys made excuses were wrong

When I took Mystery's workshop, I remember that I had a lot of skepticism going in. I'd heard that he was 6'5, did magic, and was goodlooking. So that was why he got girls. That matched my model of the world, because I did not understand what kinds of communications generated attraction. My understanding was as deep as the surface level phenomena that I saw, and looks and height was a major part of that.

I went to his workshop, and I saw stuff that fucked my mind for the next year. It was difficult to swallow the things that I saw, and I can recall wondering if he was using hypnosis or something that I didn't understand. I simply couldn't reconcile how he was getting the reactions that he was getting. It wasn't like anything I'd seen before, or even conceptualized before. My expectations were surpassed. There were other factors too, of course. Like, when you find a music group that nobody has heard of, you'll like it far more because you identify with it as your own. When something is the status quo, people don't identify with it as readily - ala Back Street boys. So those two things in combination probably had weight with me. But it was the first reason particularly. What I saw was plain shocking.

And I could see how guys were coming to the whole "I don't have what he has" conclusion. At that time, there weren't any other high level PUAs that could do what he could do. I'd heard of this guy named Style in his mid thirties, who was supposedly 5'7, bald, and 120 pounds. Apparently he could do the same kind of thing, which seemed interesting. Overall though, it was hard to believe that I was ever really going to get to his level. It was hard for me to identify with the idea of it.

But the big thing that made me different from all the other guys, was that I never once let myself go on the mental path of making excuses for myself. What one man can do, another can do. I never let myself think even for a second that I couldn't learn what he did. Even if it was hard, I didn't let my identity hold me back. I was willing to evolve my identity.

For the next year my game was a mess. I didn't fully understand how Mystery was doing what he was doing. But I knew that it was possible to achieve, and that I was going to achieve it. I just did what he told me to do, over and over, until I figured it out. Sometimes it sucked pretty bad. But I would see little reactions here and there, that were similar to what he got. I couldn't get them consistently, but I could get them here and there.

From there, I came up with a million theories of how to get it. Maybe I just need 7 hours of routines? That would make sense, because when I'd run well polished routines, I would get a similar sort of reaction. Otherwise, I'd "lose girls in rapport". At the time, I didn't understand that a routine was a capsule that contained a behaviour pattern which elicited a reaction from the girls. The verbal communication was tightened by somebody else, and the fact that I was "delivering it" quieted my mind down during the time capsule that it took me to deliver it, which created micro level behaviours that were high value as well. But as I did this more and more, these thought patterns and behaviour patterns were becoming more internalized into my identity.

I put a lot of thought into my game. I looked at it from a very detached manner and in great detail. I talked to people and got their feedback on how I was coming across. I talked to all the best guys and looked very deeply at the reactions that I was getting. I wasn't satisfied at just getting laid here and there, because I knew that if I allowed myself to be easily satisfied that I'd wind up in an LTR and that I'd lose her eventually and be back where I'd started.

Reading some of the excuses in some of the posts around here, I can feel the bullshit. "I'm too old, I'm not as goodlooking, blah blah" That's different than guys saying that a goodlooking can play a different style of game, but in general there are fundamentals to game that are pure and if you have them then you get girls and if you don't have them then you don't.

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