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9 Common Social Conditionings that impair pick-up

In this excerpt from his Dynamic Sex Life e-book, Gun describes common social conditionings that impair pick-up. This is a very important post for Inner Game.

I just got you realizing how these things you might be conditioned with are negatively impacting your sex life.

Right here I'm going to go in to a short quick list of common possible similar ones that might be impairing you.

Going to straighten out your "internals" here. You see Many many "dating for morons" type of books list off 500 pages of "do this" "don't do that's", many of them in conflict of course because the authors compiled the entire material from some magazine articles written by the very same "conditioners" you don't want to be listening to in the first place.

What REALLY works is having your internal conditioning set right. Every action you take, every mental state you enter and show, every way you interact and every dynamic you introduce between you and a woman is going to be determined by your inner beliefs and being. Faking it just wont fly. The mask you put on will crumble at some point startling the woman you are interacting with in to the opposite state of mind about you that's desired.

I have to get YOU actually thinking the right way about women, first and foremost. Why learn a bunch of bizarre tricks and tactics, when you can instead learn to actually be YOU and get the girl? Rhetorical question.

Link up any conditionings you may have that might be giving you similar problems as you go over the list.

SO now I'll list off and explain some of these conditioned things that may be hurting you.

Conditioning 1:

"Women don't like sex, they only want money, romance, status, to look good, etc etc etc.".

This conditioning as mentioned above, is just a tragedy of a thought process. THE FIRST thing you must realize is that women LOVE SEX. Biologically we do differ, but compulsion and physical drive for sex is just as important to women as it is to us. They LOVE sex.

The FIRST understanding and best realization is this one. It isn't only YOUR conditioning you are dealing with, but HERS as well. See women don't usually, though they do a lot more since 2000 or so, come right out with their desire for sex at a verbal level. They have the conditioning that "sex is for tramps and sluts" "sex should only be with a guy your know really well". The balance between her attraction to you (don't worry I teach you this) and her conditioning against sex is, "THE GAME" or the male to female dynamic.

Probably top number one fear in dealing with men for a woman is being thought of as "easy" or "a slut".

Women enjoy sex more than men in truth. The studies and statistics say otherwise because women are outright conditioned to lie and say this, even when anonymously asked. It seems even in a "herd mentality" or evolutionary manner women have been trained to lie like this for the greater good of them all. What I mean is it seems they almost do this automatic, they don't think to themselves "I want to deceive this person" they really seem to THINK they don't like sex, YET FEEL that sex is their entire drive in life.

When we as men are made to feel inadequate we try to qualify ourselves and make up for it as "PAYMENT" for her "gift of sex to us". We then say nice things to her and give her gifts and support her with our hard work. This is no conspiracy theory, it is just fact if you look beyond the television and what women SAY, but start to watch women's actions. 99.99% of good-looking women ALWAYS have REGULAR sex, yet still say they don't like it and that guys aren't important to them. Stop and think for a moment why they would be doing this if what they say is true.

Women have rarely invented anything, lead a revolution, have many hobbies or talk much about anything that isn't pop culture based.

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