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Be Like a Child

And be glad! All those frustrations, all those hesitations, the nervousness, the burning, the butterflies of unease, the confusions, and the errors that manifest itself when your mind says "Do this" and your body and personality do not follow- all of these can be washed away... forever.

Yes, you thought yourself ignorant about women, so inexperienced, so confused, and you just seemed to be following an evil circle. Maybe you were like me, a super mega dork who slept through life until now. And, perhaps like I did, you read and reread all material on women and life you could get your hands on.

But what if I told you that you were always a Don Juan at one point in time? And I do not mean in a specific situation or hour, I mean at one point in your life you KNEW EVERYTHING ABOUT WOMEN and handled them WITH PERFECT EASE, so perfect that it was 100% NATURAL and if anyone told you to view a website or books for 'information' you would laugh yourself silly!

Wouldn't that change everything? Wouldn't you say to yourself, "Well! If I was the PERFECT Don Juan then I would try to remember how I THOUGHT and what I DID when I WAS that Don Juan rather than mine endless posts and books. After all, if I WAS a Don Juan, then I require only recollection NOT revelation ."

Go find a picture of yourself when you were a young kid (say at age 6). Look at him! He is smiling gleefully without a care in the world. He doesn't know he is going to turn into the sad adult that you are now. Hormonally, the only difference between you and your youthful shadow is that you are flooded in testosterone and in a state of chemical madness. Your youthful shadow knows better of the joys of life. It is no wonder parents find their offspring such a wonder as they reframe the dull life of bills, appointments, and responsibilities with the fire of youth.

Yes, you say that you are an adult now. You have responsibilities such as bills and chores and work to do. You have no time for such nonsense. Or do you?

I bet when you were a kid, you were a natural Don Juan. I bet you got all the girls in the sandbox. As a child, you knew how to treat women better then even though you are now an adult. Some of these factors include that you....

-Knew girls and guys were different.

Trendy intellectuals have this problem today! You KNEW there was MALE and FEMALE.

-Realized girls had cooties and could destroy a guy.

This isn't too far off as girls can totally devour and destroy a man and his life.

-Knew that it was improper to be girlish. You would (and ought to) get beaten up on the playground.

Older people get an error in the brain called PHILOSOPHY that speaks bubble swelled words like 'relativity', 'revolution', freedom' and pop with the scent of rotten eggs of pious moralizations, bumper sticker arguments, and rambling dissertations. You knew, at an early age that YOU CANNOT FREE YOURSELF FROM GENDER.

-Girls were not to be taken seriously. After all, they are girls.

It is the nice guy that takes the woman seriously in every and all things AND CANNOT SAY NO TO HER!

-Girls were to be guided, teased, because, after all, they were girls and, as such, tended to mess things up. You pulled their hair, made fun of their clothes...

...not because an internet guy named DeAngelo told you to do so, but because you knew instinctively that it was right and proper for you to do.

-As a boy, you would never leave the plans up to the woman. Oh, that would be awful! As a kid, you had to say WHAT you two were going to do, WHEN, WHERE, and sometimes WHY. You had to be direct.

"Why do I need a plan, Pook? Why can't we do what SHE wants to do?" Because she has no idea what she wants to do. Example:

"When do you want to come over?"

"I don't know."

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