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Building disproportionately high self-esteem

One quality I see in myself and other successful PUAs is an unshakable self-confidence. This is often disproportionately high compared to what you might expect it to be, given the person's background, looks, finances, intelligence, etc.

Self-confidence is something you can work on. At the end of the day it's just down to a set of beliefs - what the voices in your head are saying, and sometimes how loud they say it.

I found Ross Jeffries' Unstoppable Confidence to be extremely helpful, and there are plenty of other CDs and mp3s of confidence building hypnosis material around.

It's quite good to maintain a list of affirmatioins. Keep these in your phone or desktop, or even on old fashioned paper, somewhere you can see them every day. Here are some suggestions; and I'd like to emphasise that the first one is key to success with affirmations.

1. I read aloud and modify my affirmations every day
2. I succeed in anything I put my mind to
3. I am a strong and confident penis
4. The best choice any woman could make is to be with me
If a woman rejects me, she is just demonstrating her own bad judgement

By Magnus

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