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PU is an ART, not a science

Style: I've noticed that in doing this stuff, everyone has to find their own style. And some tenets of SS/ASF/FastSed work, and some don't.

Logan: As an RAFC myself, I'm coming to the conclusion that a lot of the advice is coming from people who meet specific kinds of girls in specific kinds of situations. Take everything with a pinch of salt until you've field-tested it: that is my new advice to myself.

I agree with the phone thing. I've found the need to keep up the warmth and connection over the phone so they feel like you're actually interested, and not just another game-player hunting for trophies.

Another thing about ASF....way too much emphasis on nonsupplication and being aloof, for my situation and personality. As a goodlooking guy (so I've been repeatedly told by female friends), I probably need to be warm, down-to-earth: a lot of girls lose their self-confidence around a goodlooking guy who is too aloof.

Nicholas: You're forgetting that PU is an ART, not a science. Every situation/person/chick/PU is different, and YOU have to add to the mix each time. These "rules" are nothing more than guidelines pointing you in the right direction of getting the highest success rate with women. Some people read this stuff and put WAY too much into making sure they don't break the "ASF rules" and end up losing out on pussy. Use the ideas here as CONCEPTS which you must incorporate into your own personality, not steadfast RULES which must be obeyed.

Being "non-supplicating and aloof" doesn't mean that you can't be warm and friendly, it just means that you shouldn't fall all over yourself to pay special attention to one particular chick just because she's a super-hottie. Don't do little "favors" for a chick JUST because she is good looking, only do what fits in with your personality, and things you would do for ANY chick, even a UG friend.

Style: I agree with this. A mediocre looking guy dripping with attitude may be intriguing and alluring, while a stuck-up goodlooking guy may just seem like an asshole. On the other hand, you don't want to come across as a doormat. The best approach for you, I'd say, is to "warm up." In other words, let a girl think at first that you're aloof or arrogant, but slowly open up to them and show your warm, down-to-earth side. This accomplishes two things: she thinks she's making progress that other HBs don't and it's exciting for her, because she knows you're not like this with everyone. Secondly, you have a very good way of "punishing" her if you don't like her responses (if she doesn't return kino) by reverting to your aloofness for a little while. Experiment with letting her earn your warm down-to-earth side and see what happens. I think if you can play this right (not be too aloof on the opener, but not be too super-nice immediately), you'll get amazing results. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics