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Amog routine collection I

Then I say "Hey I want to meet your friend so much, but that touchy grabby lean in guy is all over her.. is she just being nice, or does she really like guys who lean in and touch and do all the 'whats your name' fake ungenuine stuff?"

The UGs are invariably like "no no, we hate guys like that.. that's why we love you so much blah blah", and then you get the FRIENDS to literally REMOVE the hottie that you want from the AMOG who is conveniently heating her up for you and saving you the hassle.

Have fun

....saw some more tonight.

I'm walking home (first day back at school, btw) and some dude is pissing on the wall.

AMOG: its fucking huge, huh? TD: yeah dude, I almost swooned.

He's surprised obviously (this guy was pretty alpha actually). He keeps walking, probably thinking of how to out-alpha me.

AMOG: swooned huh? hahah man you're such a JOKER.

(I *LIKE* this one, calling guys a "joker" if they nail you with a good one.. like the implication is that he's the insecure type to use humour to gain acceptance)

TD: yeah man... you know I've got to impress..

(standard come back for guys who imply I'm trying to impress them with any of the "nice shirt" or "you're awesome" type stuff)

AMOG: haa, I AM impressed man..

(still trying to top me here)

TD: guy, without my fans  

(I raise my hands to finish the sentence.. notice that in out-alphaing, you don't use alot of well thought out sentences.. its like even giving well thought out answers is too much.. this is like from JAP Busting posts where I answer "why did you ask me this" simply with ".. ..I'm talking" (with a funny face like "WTF is she thinking asking me this.. ) Then I do freeze out and turn my back on him. If he attempts to re-initiate, he's outalpha'ed, so must give up.. Also, if a guy answers with something too well thought out, I just smirk and go "whoa dude, that's pretty scientific" and immediately turn my back and freeze him out.. As usual, if he tries to get me to turn around by grabbing me, I run the "whoa dude, Club-477 (gay club here) is down there.. hands off the merchandise buddy, and if he replies I keep saying "man I'm not gay.. stop trying man, I'm not gay").

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