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Amog routine collection I


I think another variation of this could be if a guy really burns you, you could say:

PUA: haaa, GUY, hahah.. man, I can't keep up with you buddy, while I'm out you're like at home thinking this stuff up.. guy you are a JOKER man..


P.S.: For the record, I think that this whole thing is fucking lame. I'm just glad that I understand it now. I remember being back in high-school and having these assholes using shit like this on me, and I have to say that just understanding the format well enough to be able to out-alpha anyone is awesome (combined obviously with that I can remove their chicks from them, if not totally then at least get them obviously wanting to within around 1 minute which the AMOGS fucking hate).

I think that the main benefit is that you never have to feel like somebody in a public gathering is going to make you feel like shit or embaress you, because you can cut them down faster and harder than anything that they can do to you.

Thanks Craig. That reminds of me the classic "Hey, when I'm talking to you I'll point my finger at you" from your Elimidate. I used that tonight and the HB 10 was all over it.

One addition that I forgot about.

Sickboy007 and I were gaming a 2 set from this HUGE 6'6 black guy. Once he looked ready to knock us down, Sickboy007 goes -

Sickboy007: Dude, have you ever seen Fight Club.. Have you ever seen Fight Club??

AMOG: umm yeah..

Sickboy007: OK dude, dude.. "I want you to HIT ME, AS HARD AS YOU CAN"... hit me.. hit me...

AMOG: (looking like WTF?)

Sickboy007: whoa whoa whoa.. actually dude, DO NOT hit me.. with those arms, man you'd KILL ME.. seriously man, don't don't.. look at this guy, WTF was I thinking???

(use at your own risk.. :)... )

Also, I get alot of AMOGs here knowing the frame, so I have to take it further: AMOG: Is that design on your shirt a sphinkter? Man, you're going to need somebody to protect you mate, you're going to have all the guys into you.. (yes I actually got this, and that was a cool shirt but he still found a way to diss it, and to be honest it was a good diss) @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics