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Amog routine collection I

PUA: Dude, that's why I rolled up on you.. I need YOU man.. help me, please man.. dude, I look at you, and I just KNOW that you were born to protect my sphinkter


AMOG: Is that design on your shirt a sphinkter? Man, you're going to need somebody to protect you mate, you're going to have all the guys into you.. PUA: hahah man you are SO FUNNY.. man, you're the best comedian.. dude, honestly, I like you man.. you're awesome.. you don't have to be funny for me to like you..

AMOG: hey you fucking ginger-minger..

(I'm considered bad looking out here, because red-head guys are apparently unattractive in Britain - gingerminger means ugly redhead guy.. for guys who are fat, short, etc, guys will fall back on a CRUTCH and hit you with something sensitive to try to get you to flinch.. after getting burned on this a few times, I figured the formula, again, is to point out the GAP between what they actually ARE and what they PROJECT..

PUA: whoa you're like the best verbal sparring partner ever.. that was so original man.. you're SO COOL.. ladies, is this guy not the coolest?? Guy, I can't roll with you, I'll pay you a hundred dollars to take these ladies from me right now..


I was just heading off to the club, but thought about something that happened to me last night on the topic of AMOGs. To me, this is really important stuff, although maybe nobody will get it or maybe its more obvious to them so its redundant. Anywayz....

I'm sitting at one of the computers in my student center, and I see an AMOG from the other night. I had been working a 2set, and he'd come into the set.

One thing I love to do when an AMOG enters the set, is this really simple coin snatch trick that I learned from Mystery (he actually learned it from a dude at the Guvernment club /, my favourite club in Toronto, whose girlfriend he was stealing, but this guy showed him the trick so he lost interest in the girl and just learned it). I can't post it because its

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