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Amog routine collection I

Mystery's (him and Style are sticky about that stuff, whereas I just post all my shit because if I get caught in a repeat I just think its funny), but really this doesn't matter. The idea is just learn ANY BASIC TRICK. Then you can use this kind of tactic. Just learn anything. The coin thing isn't even magic. It's just a dumb trick that happens to be field tested and shown to work extremely well. But you can use bar bets or ANYTHING.

So anyway, what I'll do is that the AMOG will enter the set and the girls will start chatting him because they know him. But I'll say "Dude dude dude, CHECK THIS OUT.. Alright, hold your hand out." and do the trick on him.

Now what this accomplishes, is that you're OWNING the guy right in front of the girls. Rather than sitting there like a puppydog, hoping that the girls will come back to you, you just take over the set by demonstrating something to him, where he's having to take directions from you in order to see it.

Also important is that on occasion the alpha will know what's happening, and just not agree to do it. Most guys will back down from this, but instead I just CUT HIM OUT OF REALITY. I say something dismissive like "Cool dude, its OK to be shy man, I was like that before too.. anyway HBwhatever, check this out, its AWESOME", with HIGH ENERGY because girls are drawn to that, and then you can blow him out of the set because the girls focus on you and there's nothing he can do about it. If he's a member of the set (close friend or whatever), then later on say "Dude, I'm just chilling man.. Just shooting the shit.. I didn't mean to fuck with you.. What's your name, man?" and because of SOCIAL PRESSURE, he'll supplicate you and actually be receptive to your attempts to get rapport with him, because inside he feels what you've done to his status, and he just wants a quick-fix to regain it. So if you stroke his ego just a BIT, he'll now RESPECT you and befriend you. Even help you. But do this later, AFTER you've blown him out, when he's sitting there like a pouting puppydog. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics