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Amog routine collection I

The thing is, and this is IMPORTANT, is that these AMOGs have natural tendencies to still fuck you over, and make it look like you're qualifying yourself.

In this case, the guy just thought that I was cool, and social proofed me to the girls (who invited me out to the club tonight, actually). But typically, they'll do this like this:


You're showing people pictures. He'll come in and yell out "WICKED! Pictures! Awesome man, its like a little show. Show me your little show, man! This is awesome stuff! Man, these girls are loving this shit. (grabs them from you) Hey girls, check these out!"

Like they do what I remember I once called "USURPING THE GLORY", in an old alpha post I wrote. Actually I'm just remembering that post now. It's funny how this stuff evolves, because that very post (I think it was called "10 Alpha Behaviours - for breakbeat, so DAFS if interested) was the first post where I was sitting down and trying to figure out what the fuck these big annoying fuckers were doing to maintain their alpha status all the time.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, last night.

I see this guy with a girl. He decides that he's going to outalpha me in a friendly way, to build value to his girlfriend. He stops beside me at the computer, with this girl on his arm, and says "Hey check out this guy's little trick. It's the bomb. He can grab a coin out of your hand in like 1 second. Show her the shit man. Show her."

Alphas always try to do this stupid shit. I think its funny, because this guy obviously has no idea what he's dealing with.

So he puts out his hand to make me do it on him. I stand up and smirk, and then put out my hand for his girl to be the one I do it on.

Right there, I'm now disobeying him, smirking at him like I'm not even saying much to him other than just being dismissive, and controlling the set the way *I* want it done.

Immediately she touches me and shows IOIs.

I say "For you man, I'd do anything. I met this guy last night, and he was the shit. I just KNEW I had to impress him". Then I put my hand on his shoulder while I say this. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics