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Amog routine collection I

He says "Yeah, check this out!", like in this sort of alpha way that I can't really explain on the internet, but he's trying to like re-direct the set. But

I cut him off just as the last word "out" is coming out of his mouth, and I'm like "Dude, SSHHH.. This requires concentration. Stay still."

Then I run the trick, and she freaks out. Then I IMMEDIATELY start pumelling her with game, right in front of her guy. She's touching me, giving IOIs, and I'm pushing her onto him.

She tells me where she works (on campus), and qualifies herself to me by saying who her friends are (they're the "cool" girls, who I'm better friends with than her), and you can tell that the interest is there.

I actually LIKE this alpha guy, and he's not a bad guy. So I don't further attempt to steal his girl from him, because I feel validated at this point, and generally don't want to cause problems in my small social circle at school.

But he put me in the position where I could have, and I used his dumbass out-alpha attempts to pummel him with shit he didn't expect.

The moral here is that you need to OWN THE SET. Have DHVs ready that GUYS will like, so that you can own them, the second that they arrive.

Anyway, this struck me as funny, and a good isolated example of something that almost every night that I go out. It's subtle subcommunication, that girls respond to immediately. In fact, its a great way to convey value fast. Owning the men in a group.


Thanks for the input man. Actually you and I are on the EXACT same wave length here, but I failed to explain things thoroughly so good clarification. Check over the part where I wrote to actually just not to talk to the alpha, to bait him to keep talking to you. Where I wrote "just sit there and say nothing, or even make "let's go" girl eye code.

What I do is use silence to blow the guy out. If he acknowledges ME while I won't acknowledge HIM, he qualifies himself by still paying attention to me, and is blown out. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics