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Amog routine collection I


AMOG: yes..

BADBOY: girls.. what do you think of a guy who goes out and leaves his girlfriend all alone.. is that nice? HBS: nooooo...


AMOG: no... (he now looks bad for having no girlfriend)

BADBOY: man, you have to be nice to girls.. you have to by them drinks and flowers and call them 10 times a day.. girls, you like guys who treat you nice right (they HAVE to say yes, even though they don't.. also, by saying it in a way that makes nice guys sound LAME, he's highlighting that he's not like that, but is TOOLING the AMOG all the while)

For guys who have less game:

AMOG: flowers/drinks/compliments/even just approaching

BADBOY: girls.. go to him.. he is nice.. he will buy you whatever you want, and call TEN TIMES A DAY.. no no.. a HUNDRED TIMES A DAY.. he will WORSHIP YOU..

By Tyler Durden @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics