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F&Q Of Amog

Hoboken wrote:
1.What would you do if you are with a chick and she is not yet into you and a AMOG upsurps you..would your tactics work then or is there another method?

2.What about guys that say nothing to you and then put there arm around the HB you are sarging or hold her hand?

3.Does Ben do the same thing for anti AMOG?


Thanks man.
1) At this point, my game is based around the assumption that all girls I approach will be into me, unless I made an error. If they're not though, I suppose I'd probably try to exploit the alphamale as something I could use to convey higher value in front of the girl, and hope that she sticks around to watch.
2) I'd say "wow, you guys are so cute.. you look like brother and sister.." 3) As for Ben, one thing that's frustered me is that I never get a chance to sarge with the guy. We're always split up in groups.  Same with Papa for the last few months. It sucks. They're my close friends, but we never get to sarge together. My main wing right now is Sickboy007.


Michael wrote:
In case it's not already obvious, I just wanted to say that if YOU "started up" with HIM and interrupted him with his HB(s) and so thereby started the "attack" on this AMOG, and if THEN he starts to show that he will fight, it would be risky as hell to do the same tactic of making fun of him, etc.


Yeah totally man. For me though, I don't worry about that.

Papa pointed out to me that we look at a mixed gender set and analyze one of two choices.

1) If they CAME with the set (they're there "together") then its *NEUTRALIZE*.

2) If they're just meeting them that night, then its *BLOW THEM OUT*.

So if the guys are with the girls, I cut them down, until THEY are chasing rapport with ME. Then I make friends. But if they don't know the girls before now, I just roll in and literally PLOW them with my better tonality blitzkrieg-style. My tonality is specially geared towards cutting through noise in clubs. I talk from the diaphragm, and it cuts over all other noise while not appearing that I'm yelling. Girls are like deer in the headlight around it, which is why I'm able to cut over all other talking. I find that often while I'm gaming sets, girls from around the area will start coming over to check me out, because they hear the voice cutting over everything, even though it doesn't sound like I'm actually YELLING. They say weird shit like "I like your voice".. It just sounds like I'm talking, but its cutting over all music/talking/noise. I also have inflexions in my voice that I learned from meeting the best guys, that come across playful and cut out the guys immediately.

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