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F&Q Of Amog

The key here is PATTERN BREAKING. For example, we all have patterns. If I go to shake hands with you, but then I cut you off just as I'm about to shake it, you'll be STUNNED for a second. This is a natural response.

So this goes for false opinion openers.. (pattern-breakers in '*'): "Hey *guys*, I *need* a female opinion.. do *girls* think that the rockstar David Bowie is hot? *short pause, not long enough for them to answer*, my friends little sister just got a poster of David Bowie.. That is an OLD MAN.. he is OLD.. *do YOU like old men???*

-"guys" breaks pattern of them being called "girls", and disarms
-"need" disarms asking permission.. rather than setting their brain on a "can I get" train of thought, where her thought process has to DECIDE whether or not to reply, you just say you "need" it, so she has to listen
-do "girls" think that, implies that you don't care what SHE in particular thinks, and you are just using her as a SPECIMEN for a female opinion
-the short pause, just too short for her to answer, allows you to barrel through and cut over all her thought processes and those of the guys.. she then BACKWARDS RATIONALIZES that because she's been chatting you for 2 minutes, that you're in a conversation, and doesn't resist it
-"do YOU like old men" is an accusation.. it gets her buying temperature up, because you're accusing her of things, which conveys you as authoritative, and gets her into a qualifying frame.


IJJJI wrote:
You acknowledge him too much. IGNORE him until the HB you talk to start to notice him. At this moment he will come off as TRYING to get into your set (trying=beta).


Thanks for the input man. Actually you and I are on the EXACT same wave length here, but I failed to explain things thoroughly so good clarification. Check over the part where I wrote to actually just not to talk to the alpha, to bait him to keep talking to you. Where I wrote "just sit there and say nothing, or even make "let's go" girl eye code. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics