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F&Q Of Amog

What I do is use silence to blow the guy out. If he acknowledges ME while I won't acknowledge HIM, he qualifies himself by still paying attention to me, and is blown out.
As for acknowledging him too much, I actually DISREGARD the alphas until they try to cut in. I de-value them by treating them like they don't exist, but if they get in my way aggressively (which is what most of the post was referring to, since its Europe out here), then I cut them down with the aforementioned tactics.
Still man, very good clarification, because like with boyfriend destroyers where guys will say "How do you get the boyfriend to come up in convo?", its like "dude, this is TROUBLE SHOOTING.. preferably, you don't want it to come up at all". The out-alpha stuff is for when its unavoidable - common out here in Europe.


Okokok.. but TD, you left out the one AMOG that poses a real problem. Its the one who goes straight up to the HB you are talking to and NEG her, while totally ignoring you. What are you supposed to do if he gets HB's attention and continue ignoring you??


Haaa.. dude, you definetely do this stuff also.. Yes man, in Lester Square we get these guys. The key is to go FURTHER than they do.. Good that you brought this up also, I forgot about these, and they're common.


AMOG: You know I already fucked these girls.
PUA: haa... oh man, I hope you doubled up! GROSS!

AMOG: hey guys..
PUA: Hey.. know how I know these girls.. I fucked them..
AMOG: haa.. then you got sloppy seconds buddy.. gross!
PUA: hahaha.. oh dude, you KNOW I doubled up on these girls.. hahaha

AMOG: look at these little brats (or whatever teasing or neg)
PUA: yeah man, these girls tried to fuck me all night..
AMOG: they tried to fuck YOU? hahha, these girls ARE sluts!
PUA: dude, you have NO CLUE.. these girls just did (whatever thing you can MISINTERPRET)

THIS I LEARNED FROM CROATIAN BADBOY (IMO the best PUA in the scene in all Europe, taught me this stuff.. he's not known on mASF, but well known in the European scene and the Lounge.. He did post stuff here though on how he fucked the "Miss Croatia" competition winners and other celebs he fucked, which you guys may remember) @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics