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A field-report about Amog by Tyler

TD I run around 5-6 humour stories, including bad ass little kid story, rollerblading story, and commonalities story (money routine I invented and will post later because it could use improvements - very comfort building style, but in the form of a DHV).

The AMOG is constantly trying to be invasive, and I just keep either rolling my eyes at him and continuing, or out-alphaing him with the basic stuff that I was using before. On a few occasions over the next hour he gets in a few good ones, but it's like 10-1 in my favour, so I suck up all the IOIs from him within seconds, every time.

He's frequently telling me what to do. Ordering me around. "Dude, come dance.", "Man, show this girl something.", "Guy, treat me/her/whoever with respect". I'd constantly say sh*t like "Easy tiger.. C'mon man, you're too cute to get angry", and sh*t like that. Or I'd completely ignore him, and be very dismissive. He couldn't get an inch, and EVERYONE around us was very aware of it. He probably thought to himself "How is this little sh*t doing this??"

Anyway, at this point the HBs *actual* boyfriend comes over, and he's friends with the AMOG. He starts making out with the HB I've been gaming, and the AMOG is like "See man, there's her boyfriend". She comes over and whispers "He's lying. Neither of them are my boyfriends." She repeatedly nods her head and whispers "Lying", whenever anyone mentions that she has a boyfriend, even though she has made out with this guy and it is very obvious that it is her boyfriend.

Haaa!! So that's why she jumped off my lap. It was a social thing, not a buying temperature thing. She doesn't want AMOG telling her boyfriend anything. Makes sense. That's why she's put her hands on my legs and keep them there (good IOI test, to see if she's ready for more).

Also, what's interesting here, is that my main goal in this set is to get social proof in front of the hot hot hot bartender. She's the one I really want. The HB in my set is pretty cute also, but the bartender stands out more. She's looking over on my set, with great interest. She's coming over and sitting near me all the time, giving me proximity-IOIs. I have conveyed alot of personality to her, obliquely, as she has watched this set.

Also of note, is that every time that the HB from the set that I am gaming turns to her set to talk to them, I turn my back on them back to the guy that I came with. I ignore them, as if the set is done. Each time, she will tap me on the shoulder and beg me to talk to her more. I ignore her taps, and keep talking to my friend. I don't even stopping mid sentence to acknowledge her, but rather pretending I'm not noticing her tapping my shoulder and yelling at me, until she practically jumps on me to get my attention. Then I'll turn around and give her more treats.

I do massive comfort building, and build commonalities. We're holding hands, and she's squeezing. I build comfort and commonality for around twenty minutes.

Then her friends drag her away to a seat about 15 feet away. My friend tells me that she's looking over constantly. She comes over and gets drinks and jumps on me, every five minutes. I ignore her, and she keeps going for my attention. The AMOG is looking over, glaring, and the boyfriend is clueless because he wasn't there earlier to see what was happening.

I tell her that I want to hang with her, but that I can't because she's from Perth (elastic band disqualification, instead of saying she's "drunk" like I normally do, I use geography). She qualifies herself to me that her parents are rich and own 5 houses, and that she has a whirlpool in one of them and that I can come over tomorrow and have a whirlpool with her.

I'm like "Cool", and then turn my back on her. This makes no sense, but I do this often when girls offer me their #. If I know it's FULLY ON, then I'll make THEM work to try to bring up ways to make me take their #, and sit back and laugh inside as I watch them trying to bring it up cleverly as if it were natural. It's so funny to watch, because it's just like what guys do to girls, and it's so f*cking transparent that it just shows me that it's impossible to cover up.

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