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Harlequin on AMOG, Awesome!

Like in Fight Club, Tyler Durden's Homework asssignment, Start A Fight & Lose... it's not easy. People don't WANT to fight. With Bujinkan & the other stuff I've done people can pick up from me a protecting vibe. I can pacify any angry Amog because I know how they work... I used to be one. My introduction here is long-winded but you'll see why I am the way I am from it. I don't want to hear of ANY PUAs or people suffer what Jrock went through; though he dealt with it very well & had the strength to retreat, I'm not saying that you're the one & you can dodge bullets but I AM saying that you won't have to. See the chodes of the matrix & disarm them with harmlessness or overwhelming value. Game them... "Guys are just ugly girls." - Mystery. Curiosity & envy... DEV. Demonstrate Equal Value.

Look at martial arts & Bujinkan. Part of the Creed of Ninjitsu is that 'Everyone feels safer with me around."

My game would SUCK without my inner confidence & spirit.

Perfect yourselves...

The Jitsu isn't all about reframing & disarming agreession. The best Harlequin-Jitsu is when you just have fun. I sarged without any wingmen for over ten years. It's great & a poor wingman will usually only hold you back.

Forget the girls for a while when you arrive at the venue. Amog. The girls looking at you will notice you being the alpha as you control the conversation, plus you appear to know everyone. Meet the guys, game them, take a genuine interest in the good guys that you meet. You won't look like you're on your own & you'll make wingmen of them without them being aware if you so wish. Forward merging sets comes with social intelligence & re-cognizing shared human values.

Have a drink in your hand & make out like your just seeking a bit of guy company cauz you're usually surrounded by women, which should be true for you anyway.

Example. When I go out alone I might say to a bunch of guys.

HQ-"Hey fellas, did you ever see the, The Magic Roundabout?'" (I you try this, pick a zany show from your childhood that made no bloody sense)

Guy 1-"Yeah, course. Great show."

Guy2-"Loved that show"

HQ-"What the hell was all that about then?"

*laughter* Point out the guy in the set that reminds you of Dougal, the Zebedee & so on. Fasle disqualify as announcing yourself as Florence.

Stack forward, with other shows that you loved as a kid. It's a great conversation. Any conversation is great if it's enjoyable. Talk music, film, anything.

Say where you're going & why, ask them if they're on a stag do. Ask them what they're celebrating, stack. How do they no each other, where are they hiding the women? Who's driving? What the hell's going on in the premiership/NFL/Baseball season. You can get out of there once you have established enough endearment toward you that they won't cockblock you.

Guy stuff, are they on the pull, anything like that. Kick ass, shake hands, take names, make an impact, raise their energy. If you meet guys who are say, in an unsigned band then ask them about it, let them DHV, be interested.

Interesting people are people that are interested in things. If you meet a guy that's out to meet girls, discuss tactics, you'll blow him away with your theory & when trust is established, if you like the guy, you can bring him into the game.

Tell him about MM, JM, Bristol Lair, the LSS, Neil's book. As I write this I have 13 referrals on MM. Go wing.

Or just blow sets openon your own run your game & forward merge after you hook. You can qualify on the fly. Qualify. "Lets go make some new friends." Is a Mystery classic.

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