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Calibrating Technical Sloppiness

If a girl thinks that you have high value, you can get away with really sloppy game. Sounds obvious, but I have subsets in my mind of sloppy humour that I'll use if I see that my value is really high.

For example if I call a girl on the phone who I know views me as having really high value, I can say something like something like "Hey Sandra. Are you causing trouble? You're a trouble maker. You're causing car accidents strutting around like last night, aren't you? You're crazy."

To me that is pure sloppy game. Not very funny, and kind of retarded. If you don't have value, the girl will be like "Umm, yeah, I'm causing trouble. I have to go floss my cat now. I'll call you. Bye."

But for a girl who views you as superior, so long as you keep the frame of humour, what they will laugh at what you say even if it sucks. I've probably known this for a long time. But I'm only recently realizing the extent of it.

The thing is, if you just call a girl up and are all serious and boring, then you could lose attraction - even if you have high value. Not always, but it can happen because the right emotional blueprint switches aren't being flipped.

You aren't putting her through the sequence of emotions that trigger attraction. Another way of looking at it would be like what David D says, that you aren't engaging "sexual communication".

But what's interesting, is that if a girl likes you, its *so easy* to engage sexual communication. Their tolerance for the content is really high. Generally, my humour is highly calibrated. Like, it's the kind of stuff that when guys hear it, they're like "Oooooh DAMN dude.." I personally think that that's something that all good PUAs have, with maybe a few exceptions. If I meet a guy and he can't get people laughing, then he's probably not going to be having much luck. That's something that I work on every night I go out.

Humour comes with time, and I'm definitely not a naturally funny guy. I started off just by taking the odd funny thing that I said, and canning it for repeated use. Now I still have that stuff for when I need it, which makes me feel like a funny guy. But over all, by using it repetitively, I came to understand the format of humour much better, and my improvised humour is pretty unstoppable after all that.

At any point I know that I can get the girls laughing so hard that they'll cry, although I generally try to avoid frying their circuits like that. I only do that if I need to extract a girl that I met in under a minute, because of some nasty logistic. Or maybe if I'm getting resistance to extraction or escalation, then I may slam her state in such a way. But generally, this is a BAD idea as it totally fucks up the pickup, because it is too giving and she is not working for it. So your liberal handouts of value actually validate her, if you're not careful. Overall though, humour is a must-have, IMO. I don't buy into that "the real man is serious" or "the real seducer is don juan" thing. I think its uptight and really beta. I can be very serious and even don juan, but humour is really important, even if it is sprinkled on at the right times in a way that's really light. Even during LMR I might decide to use humour.

On a good night, I'm quick-witted and can come up with misinterpretations of anything that's said, as well as comebacks if I need them. I try not to go too over the top, which I think can lower your value despite generating a lot of IOIs. Ideally I try to keep it edgy, but intelligent.

As far as "tight" game goes, I have detailed strategies of how to take the frame from the hardest shelled 10s, which includes holding my composure until they crack at my indifference and start qualifying themselves in the most subtle of ways, and then when my gut "there is a disturbance in the natural vibe because someone is qualifying themselves here" instinct tells me that they fucked up, I take that and slam it around on them with frame-reversals until they buy into my frame. I'll give a funny look like she's weird, and she'll be like "Oh no, I meant blah blah", and then I'll continue by saying something tight - maybe a little C&F or something clever.

Now this kind of thing is really tight game. That being, as opposed to sloppy game. That is in the sense that ideally it is technically perfect. Not perfect in the idealistic sense of "the one best set ever", but just in terms that there wasn't a single mistake. Or to elaborate, I guess that what I mean by that is that is that like dancing or sports, there is a purely tight form of game that is tight on all technical levels. The style can vary, the the basic energy that is put in motion via the style must be of a certain sort.

It is a really shocking realization, when you see that if you can do this, girls will sleep with you. They will look at you, and be like "Well, that was fucking good. I'm fucking him." It's as though you didn't hit a single screen, and now you're being rewarded. I see this a lot in my game. I have escalation routines that I'll use, be it phone closes or physical escalation, where the girls just stop and say to their friends "Wow, this guy is good. I'm giving him my number, going with him, having his children, etc etc.." What's funny though, was that I was previously calibrating girls by say how much value I need to convey. So what that would mean would be that I would convey x-amount of value to the set, depending on her social value. But the difference for me now is that the amount of value that I have to convey isn't as important as interaction format. Like say I think that the format should have x-humour right here, and the girl views me as having high value, then I can use weak sloppy humour and still get the girl.

For example, tonight I picked up this girl who I had to reopen several times due to string of really unusual logistical fuckups. First, I thought that I knew her and stopped half way through opening like "We know eachother. Or wait, no we don't. Umm, yeah, uhh what was I saying? Oh yeah, uhhhh....." Then I got interrupted by the waiter, then I stopped thinking my wing was going to come in, then I got AMOGGED by some other dude trying to cut in.. On and on, the problems went.

But yet, I still made the following technical errors and got away with it.

1- I re-opened the set using four different opinion openers. You'd think they'd notice at this point, but they don't. Really, they do. But they don't care. And because the opinion opener facilitates easier conversation without arming ASD/Anti Slut Defense (particularly when I'm acting weird by stalking them before they've shown consistent interest), they work perfectly despite how sloppy it is.

2- I stacked like crazy. Stack stack stack. It was crazy. The most non-sequiter shit I've ever seen.

3- I said a lot of dumb sloppy shit like "I'm going to fight with you all the time. I like you. Can I adopt her? She's weird. She's smart." I mean, it was some really dumb shit. None of it made any sense. But because it had the FORMAT of humour, ie: "Insert joke here", the girl I wanted would laugh at everything that I said.

At the end, the girl I wanted followed me and offered her number. I wasn't sure if I had it, but saw strong proximity IOIs/Indications of Interest, because she waited for me to finish so she could intercept me to give me her number even though she was done her meal -> I did a takeaway right after she wouldn't do some things I told her to do, so she was left waiting for me to get up again at the end of my meal, in order to continue our conversation.

Anyway, what I'm trying to get across is this:

1- There's a technical way that a pickup is run, and there are categories of things that are supposed to happen at a certain time (ie: "Sexual communication" or "Blueprints" which is basically sexual communication mapped out in glorified nerd-like detail)

2- If you have high value, the variables that you insert into the categories don't have to be high quality. They can be sloppy, and you will get away with it because you are still pushing the emotional triggers at the right time. IOW: If your field experienced instinct tells you "This would be a good time to bust out something funny" or "This would be a good time for a C&F comeback" or "This would be a good time for rapport" or "This would be a good time to escalate", then you can do or say something that *SUCKS*, and it will still work so long as it is within the format of what the vibe calls for. If it would be a good time for a funny comeback, and you use a PISS POOR funny comeback, it will still work.

That also of course comes from the belief system that it will work, which is internalized in the field.

When you actually play with how low you can go, it can be pretty surprising. I had a girl over last night, and a few hours into LMR (it was pretty nuts), I busted out all this tight streamlined stuff about the social conditioning in her mind and all that. She was like "Whoa, I didn't know that you were intelligent. Where did this all come from?" She was kind of taken aback. It reminded me of just how sloppy my initial pickup was (I was playing to see how low I could go).

But my sloppy pickup style hadn't mattered, because the right blueprint emotional triggers were being pushed at the right times, so there was still a successful outcome despite that I ought to have lost value due to the sloppy style of initial pickup.

This has been useful for me, because I feel as though I have more flexibility.

By Tyler Durden

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