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Turn Your back on chicks

I post that I turn my back on chicks all the time, but everytime I meet guys from ASF they NEVER do it.


It's one of the best techniques that we have.

Next time that a chick does ANYTHING that gives you an excuse, or even something that you can pretend to MISINTERPRET as bad (in fact, this is even better/funnier), and gives you an excuse, go "awfffff" and turn your back on her and just stand there for 5 seconds before turning back around. Do it in a way that's playful, or if she's making like she might leave or says she has a BF, do it serious.

 Keep doing this, until you learn to calibrate it so that they'll grab you and hug you and say "no no no no"

This is NOT stuff only for advanced PUAs, so don't even THINK about having a thought like that! :)

EVERY PUA should do this in a sarge, to create drama and tension.

This is field tested over 20,000 times at least, by myself and MANY other PUAs if you add them all up.

If you haven't at least tried it yet, make it a priority to internalize this fun tactic next time that you're out.

By Tyler Durden @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics