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Emotions, Logic and Other Stuff

Hey man. Nice LR in the other section btw. I met Paul in London, and he said that you're very skilled.

Here are some thoughts/elaborations on your post, that might shed light on how I understand/interpret this stuff (be it right or wrong).

On 9/9/03 10:31:00 PM, angel_caido wrote: I, myself, have done a lot of work on it, but still don't pass all shit tests with flying colours, because the knee-jerk reactions take time to internalise. (writing this out helps me internalise it further).

Yes. This what Mystery was on about when he wrote (back in the day) to go out 4 times a week, 4 hours a night, 12 approaches per night.

Repetition builds a field intuition and eventually you can feel what is the perfect response to every situation.

Routines/tactics have RANGES. There are certain levels of arousal that a routine works best at.

When internalizing a new piece, I "RANGE" it. That is my process. I'll say to Papa, "I'm ranging x-routine".

First sarge, I try it at x-buying-temperature.

Second sarge, I'll try it at y-buying-temperature.

Third, another one.

I try it early, I try it late. I see after several sarges how soon and how late I can run it. Where is it ideally situated.

This is not a TIME variation, because it can take different girls different amounts of time to reach a buying temperature.

By doing this, I am reducing fielding time drastically. I get the same level of intuition on a peice of material that would take most guys months to get, because I'm consciously testing it (aka "ranging" it).

How do I recognize something subtle like buying temperature level, though? There's no way to readily verbally describe it. There is only...


This is why I'm able to venue change girls so rapidly, remove them from alphamales, or extract them from their groups. I can recogonize when they are at that level instantly, because I RANGED those acts, so I know immediately the second that they are ready.

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