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Don't "show it off", just do it

Style: I'm not an Asian fetishist type guy, but I have spent a lot of time in Asia and can speak a few Asian languages. A few years ago, it used to be cool if you knew something about an Asian girl in America's language and culture. Now, I worry that when I speak their language to them or mention good directors/writers/celebrities from their country, they get scared because I SEEM like an Asian fetishist who's learned this stuff just to seduce Asian women (not true!). So the question is: With Asian girls in America or Asian American girls, is it better to show off your wide-ranging knowledge of their culture in the early stages of a PU or to pretend total ignorance? My worry is that, right now, Asian girls are ultra-sensitive to guys who they think might be into them just because they're Asian and not because of who they are as individuals...

John R. Strohm: The key is that you don't "show it off", you just do it.

Example:  Some months ago, I was in one of the local strip clubs.  The girl was from Russia, Moscow to be exact.  Well, the Universal Opener works even better if delivered in the girl's native language (assuming it isn't English).  I got this shocked flash look, then "Spasebo!" and she was off doing a mile a minute in Russian.  I had to explain that "Zdrazdvwee" was one of the VERY few Russian words I knew, and we started over.

But for that first few seconds, she was HOME, talking with a countryman.

Also: do you ACTUALLY get that scared reaction, or do you just think you MIGHT get it?

Biggest smile I've ever collected from an HB was this Hispanic chick back in college.  She introduced herself as "Maria", common English pronunciation. Something clicked in the back of my head, and I said something like, "Hi, Maria", but put the Spanish pronunciation on the name.  HYOOGE smile and "Thank you!".  Apparently, her family speaks Spanish at home.

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