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I am trying to give YOU what you want

Style: I've noticed that my most successful sarges lately have been when I have the mindset that... "I am not trying to get anything from you. I am trying to give YOU what you want."

David Shade: Exactly.

Pilatus: Yeah, it has worked for me too.. when I just do my life-of-the-party stuff and don't care about any girl... I just have fun and don't care about what anyone thinks...

Violet Lotus: Even better, think about sarging as training for the future point in your life when you are PUA. But within that frame, you as a PUA will be giving women what they want. You'll just be much better at it than you are now.

>>Last night, I went to meet an HB I had sarged who I'm really into. She was drinking with another friend, who was turning 30. To make a long story short, I made myself the birthday girl's birthday present. The funny things is that, with this attitude, even her friends (including the HB who I know likes me and who I really like) were encouraging us to leave together, telling me "Please go home with her. Make her happy." So it became ME doing her a favor for her and her friends, and the obstacles became collaborators.

Violet Lotus: Good.

>>On a different topic, if I had better skills I could have pulled a Rick H. All three girls were ready. All three had fooled around with other girls before. I flirted with and kissed them all and made some joking suggestions (like proposing a faithful four-way relationship), but I just couldn't figure out how to include everyone. Any suggestions for tactics I could have used here?

Violet Lotus: I read this somewhere on the board and tried it. So dumb but direct and good. It works like a charm if the girls are adventurous: Propose a three/four/five-way kiss. Say something stupid, like: "You know, I've never seen a three-way kiss on TV or in a movie. So since I'm here with such lovely ladies, I figure this is the night to try it."

David Shade: Do what Rick H. did! After you kiss her, you make a presupposition that she is going to go home with you AND include the friends. Say to her (after you have kissed her of course, very important) "Hey, what do ya say we do something really exciting and you and I take your girl friends back to my place with us?" @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics