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Groups and Isolating

I've been experimenting with something new lately, especially on nights when I feel on. And this is entertaining groups and waiting to isolate. In other words, I'll approach one or two HBs in a group, tell a story that I need their opinion on, and if their other friends are listening I'll include them in the story or repeat it to them. Then I'll tell them I want to show them something cool that relates to the topic, and bring two or three with me somewhere quiet. Then I cube, magic, whatever. Eventually, the other girls follow too. And soon I find myself against the wall surrounded by say four girls. I'm getting really good at flirting with everyone. I do this by observing, and commenting on things about them bad body language (especially for the CB of the group). I'll also put my arms around the group of girls, smile, and say something like, "May I suggest beginning a faithful 4 (or whatever number) way relationship tonight."

I've found for some reason that the group will usually accept me. And, after flirting, teasing, and performing for about ten or more minutes, I can figure out which I have the best chance of going home with that night. Or, when I'm good enough, I can try for a threeway or something.

Also, instead of making a decision and isolating right away, I wait and see who is the most responsive. The additional plus to this is that I can #close with everyone in the group, because we'll all hang out cause we're all best friends now. And this means not only more options, but blurring is impossible because at least one of them will be calling me to hang out with them all again.

(Not to mention the amazing social proof--girls I've already sarged will come up to me in the group and say, "Wow, you are quite the ladies man." And I just smile and pretend like I don't know what it is: it's just some crazy magnetic power I exude. And of course, when you're entertaining a group of girls and another girl comes up to you, it's good social proof for them as well.)

Last weekend, one group I was with suggested coming back to their house for an after-after-party and getting stoned. It was so on. Unfortunately, I had a plane to catch in a couple hours and couldn't do it. In my AFC days, I'd kick myself for missing the opportunity. Now, I don't care cause Ihave their numbers and know there are plenty of more groups to be found.

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