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Hooks and Pauses

Juggler: Puzzles...

You must be big enough to control the situation while at the same time look like you are not trying. You must approach while not seeming like you need to approach. You must entertain a group while not 'working' at it.

Pick-up artistry is full of these riddles. But there are solutions.

One such answer can be found by re-working your routines to include hooks and pauses.

Get a girl to chase you by getting her to ask you questions. Make her want something. This is the beginning of her quest to experience your mysterious self. Encourage this by structuring your rap to include hooks and pauses.

A hook is a statement which brings to mind one or more questions. A pause is a momentary stop to let her use her imagination.


You: I have an intuition about you.

Her: What?

You: Sometimes I get these hunches. My friends are amazed that many of them turn out to be correct. I don't know if I have some sort of phycic power or what. But with you I can see a specific aura around your body.

Her: What is it? What do you see?

You: I see a deeply adventurous spirit which is to often not let free because of societies expectations. (Pause) I knew a girl once, an artist, who had a similar feeling. She came up with a beautiful and exciting idea to free herself of all the bonds that are put upon us.

Her: What did she do?

It's easy from here. Take a look at your routines. Give some thought into how you can re-write them to include these concepts. Try interacting with a girl without asking her anything. Try getting a feel for her by how she pursues you.

Of course, you also need to deliver with powerful material. As she digs deeper and discovers jewels it will encourage her. Maximize the chick interestingness of your routines.

Questions are opportunities. Just plot to have her pursue the conversation threads you wish. But also, think up some pre-planned, great answers to common questions girls ask you all the time. And if you do some cool trick, make her beg it out of you.

There are many smart guys who make the mistake of saying the perfect statements - thoughtful, chick appealing and nicely ended. You can sabotage yourself this way. Do not be too thorough. Practice leaving holes and making contradictory statements. Make space for her imagination to fill in the details and her sense of wonder to lead her to want to consume you. Try to spend less of your time solving problems and more of your time finding mysteries.

Avoid conclusions. Never hand over the 'microphone' after a conclusion. If you find yourself at a conclusion bring up a new conversation thread which has a hook before handing over the microphone.

If a girl does not take a hook it does not necessarily mean it is a bad hook. Even a hook which doesn't catch will usually contribute a half point to your interestingness factor. Just don't look like you were expecting anything. Be self-contained - not needing anything. Keep your rap streaming.

This post is really about pulling an indicator of interest out of girls at the approach. Of course there are ways of pulling all the other IOIs out early as well.

Style: Genius post, Juggler. This will be put into action tonight! By the way, outside of being from Ann Arbor, where did you come from? How'd you get to this forum? Did you have good game before discovering this community, did you discover all this through asf/fastsed, or are you an older poster using a new name? Either way, digging your posts and ideas...

Juggler: I have enjoyed reading many of your posts as well. Here is a little background: I am in entertainment. When I began my career I couldn?t get anywhere near a stage so I took many of these strolling jobs. Newbie challenges, chatting up sales girls? forget about it. I had to talk to hundreds of people a night under pressure of being funny and astonishing. That is where I discovered many interesting truths. And it is a short step to applying that knowledge to the art of meeting and seducing girls. The two overlap a lot in my life. Although I have been working on adding some NLP, my game was pretty much installed when I discovered ASF a short time ago.

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