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Break people out of their seriousness by bullshitting

When bullshitting, the most important, underlying concept is to not really pay attention to what the other person says. You have to listen in order to have something to go off of, but the crux of this style is placing minimal importance on what the other person is saying.

So here's what I do:

1. Make things up that are obviously not true and speak about them like an authority.

You: You know I was thinking about growing a mustache.
Her: You should go for it.
You: You know, in fact, mustaches on women are all the rage out west right now.
Her: Laughs and is interested.
You: Yeah, it's crazy. Women are getting mustache implants and all kinds of shit. When that trend makes it out here in five years, I'm going to move to the south, because it'll be another five years before it makes it down there, then by that time the trend will have passed and I'll be able to move out west. It's a cyclic process. Expensive, but it's a good lifestyle.

2. Intentionally misunderstand people, take what they say and run with it. I try to be as random as possible and still make sense. I keep a straight face and speak in a convincing tone.

Her: I want to be a teacher.
You: You're in TKE!??!! (A fraternity pronounced 'tee kay ee'.) NO WAY!! SO AM I!! I cook for the Tuesday morning fish fry, been doing it for two years now and man do I have a mean recipe for fish batter!

3. Use strange combinations of words. You: Walking with a girl, take a deep breath through the nostrils and say, "Aaaaaaaaaah, I love this time of year. It smells like cheese curds and tulips. So refreshing."

4. Devalue yourself.

Her: Do you go to school here?
You: Are you kidding??? Do I look like I go to school here? I'm actually unemployed and homeless. I don't even know these people (pointing at my friends), I just met them panhandling and they felt so bad for me that they said they'd take me out and buy me drinks. Good people!

5. Disagree a lot. If there is any room for difference of opinions, exploit it. This plays out a lot like #1, where you act like an authority on something, saying things that are obviously untrue.

Her: Oh look it must've rained out earlier.
You: No, actually it's just the Monday night carwash patrol. One of the beautiful things about this city is they like the cars clean. They go around on Monday nights and hose down all the parked cars free of charge!

Killswitch: I also like uncalled for reactions to minor things.

Her: I work at X drugstore on X street.
Me: WHAT?? Yeah right, you do not. (Scowl disaprovingly.)
Her: I DO!! (Doesn't understand.)
Me: (Laughing, holding her arm.) You're such a LIAR!

The above examples are from real conversations. Facial expressions, tonality, and hand gestures are key. The more expressive the better. Ideally what happens is the person consciously understands that what you're saying is bullshit because it's so outlandish, but because of your delivery and subcommunication they FEEL like what you're saying is true. This creates confusion in people who don't get it, but laughter in people who do.

Since I have started doing this the common response is a great, fun, lively exchange, and a lightening of the whole tone of the interaction. It tends to bring others into the mix because they see the fun happening.

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