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Keep your tone of voice intimate and sexual

Fluff + EV vs. GM Style, pros and cons

No fluff! If I ever see you fluffing I will become very angry with you.

You feel you have to fluff because you are eliciting values. You feel you have to establish fluff type rapport before she will feel comfortable answering your eliciting questions. Well, stop that! Do not ask questions. Make statements!

Just begin to talk about your deep feelings, excitement and passion. Share your values. How you love kids, great pizza and giving/receiving massage. It will be a bit scary because you will not get much feed back at first. But she will catch up and begin to talk about deep feelings as well.

Lead at all times! This shows confidence. Show the range of your emotions through your stories and interactions which girls will be able to relate too.

Keep your tone of voice intimate and sexual. Here are a few tips:

1.  Do not ask many questions. Make statements.

2.  Hand conversational control to her only on feelings. Don't end a block of conversation by saying, ". . .that's how come I ended up at this school." Instead use, "... but this school has me thinking about becoming even more passionate about my art." Do you get this? You want her relating to feelings and not details.

3.  Be in control of the conversation. Forget fluff. Go for sharing your values and putting her in the mood. Do not let the chick place the conversation back on fluff. If she tries to return the conversation to boring stuff by asking a question like, "Do you know what time the gym closes?" Reframe her question for her, "A better question would be, 'What kind of fun can we find after the gym closes.'"

4.  Expect to supply 90% of the conversational momentum. It's my 90-10 rule. If you expect a regular conversation where you only give 50% then forget it. She will still only give 10%. That equals only 60% and the conversation will stall.

5. If you want her values then lead them out of her by sharing yours. VALUES DO NOT HAVE TO MATCH. They just need to be brought to the table. Forget about sneaking her values out of her and feedingthem back to her. That is lame. You don't need to ever be sneaky. Just bring up values and discuss them out in the open.

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