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The Gay Dancers

author:          "Mystery"
date:             Sat 23 Dec 2003 00:06 GMT
subject:        The Gay Dancers  ...Anyways, I'm like whatever... so, we make plans to hang out at her work the next day, and we're hanging out...

You think San Francisco is TOO gay?

I'm out Salsa Dancing in Chile (or any other distant location), I meet this hot chick, we start dancing – feeling that vibe, we totally hit it off right away, it was amazing, she was a great dancer, we just clicked. So we're talking and she asks "Where are you from?" I said "San Francisco." And she goes "Oh... San Francisco." (Acting out sad look on her face) I'm like "What was that?!" I mean, San Francisco's awesome, right?

Anyways, I'm like whatever... so, we make plans to hang out at her work the next day, and we're hanging out, and things are great still, we've got this amazing connection. And things are going great. And, then she kinda wanders off with a friend, but I can still hear them talking, and they're talking about me. Cool. Her friend's like "Wow, that guy? You met a good one." And she's like "Yeah! ... But... (sad look on face)... he's from … San Francisco." I'm like What is that?! I'm like killing myself here, what is that San Francisco thing?!

And her friend turns back to her and says... "Yeah, aren't all the best ones gay?"

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