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My favorite childhood pet

author:          "Unknown"
date:             Fri 25 Dec 2003 21:25 GMT
subject:        My favorite childhood pet ... I go over to the fence, and I look over, and there's Noodles, being chased around by this huge   ...

"You guys have a favorite childhood pet?" When I was six, I had this little Chihuahua named Noodles. I loved this dog, every day I'd throw the ball around, and he'd chase it. So, one day I through the ball, and it goes over the fence and Noodles jumps over the fence to get it. I'm like "Noodles, where are you going?"

So, I go over to the fence, and I look over, and there's Noodles, being chased around by this huge German shepherd. I'm thinking "what's going on? It's like a rodeo or something." And next thing I know, The German Shepherd gets Noodles in the corner, and he just Pounding Noodles.

So, I run to my mom and tell her what happened. And she says "well, honey, maybe they were in love." But, I'm six years old, and I'm thinking "I dunno, Noodles didn't look like he was in love. That didn't look fun." So, you know. It was that moment when I decided... "I guess sometimes, Love hurts."

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