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The Skiing Accident

author:          "Style"
date:             Fri 22 Dec 2002 19:20 GMT
subject:        The Skiing Accident  ... Now, there were a couple of trees there but this was not private at all. So we skied over to the trees and we start  ...

You: Hey, have you ever had sex so good that you ended up in the hospital? Them: ...

You: So, I was skiing with my girlfriend. Now this girl was crazy. I mean she was a sex maniac. Every chance she had, she wanted to have sex. So, we're up on the slopes, and she's pointing off to the trees.

Now, there were a couple of trees there but this was not private at all. So we skied over to the trees and we start getting it on, right. Then, all of a sudden I slip. And she goes tumbling back asswards down the slope. Do you know what ice does to a bare ass?

"Yeah, let me tell you... it's not pretty. So, needless to say, we end up in the emergency room. And, while I'm sitting there waiting, I see this older woman and her husband has his arm in a sling. So, I ask what happened, and the woman tells me: 'oh... my husband. We were just skiing down the slope when he saw some woman sliding down the hill naked! I mean... who skis naked?! So, my husband gets so distracted, he slams right into the ski lift. Hmmph.'

So, I'm thinking... 'oh, shit..." And then this woman turns to me and says "so... What are you here for?"

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