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The key to the street pick-up

author:          "Jugglar"
date:             Sun 12 March 2004 22:15 GMT
subject:       The key to the street pick-up ...After you say something funny, before the laugh totally is gone say, "Hey, this might be wacky, but let's go around  ...

The key to the street pick-up close is not what close you use but how you do it.

It has to be performed like it just popped into your head. And always on a peak.

After you say something funny, before the laugh totally is gone say, "Hey, this might be wacky, but let's go around the corner and get an ice-cream. I love strawberry cheese cake. What's your favorite flavor?"

Here are some more tips:

1. Introduce yourself as soon as you are in. Sooner than in a club situation cause nobody likes to talk to a 'stranger' on the street.

2. Let her know what you are up to. "Somebody told me there was a good dry-cleaner around here. You know its a good party when you get your best pair of wool pants soaked with red wine."

3. Be real casual. And keep your guard down. This will help her relax. You got to be real comfortable with yourself.

4. If you are going to Neg on opening make sure you have a smile to compensate.

5. You got to get in a playful rhythm. If you can achieve the proper vibe you can be unstoppable on the street.

I remember this one pick-up I did. I was walking down the sidewalk. Sunny beautiful day and this Jaguar pulls up to a meter and this very good looking lady steps. I say, "You know you can't park there." She stops before dropping coins in the meter, "Oh really, why?" I say, "Cause I said so." She calls me a shit - in a sisterly way. That is when the rythim was right. I said, "Where you going?" She said this place up the street. I said, "I'll walk with you." That was it, done deal.

By Jugglar:

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