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Scooby On Day Game

10. I find most things in the MM formula work during the day - it works just like at night

11. Age is sometimes an issue. I have a fondness for young women. By young (its all relative) I mean early 20's (I'm 35). In a club, due to age restrictions this stops a lot of the under 18's getting in (18 is drinking age in oz). On the street/beach etc, 18 and 19 year olds look a lot like early 20 something year olds, so I've got to be careful about gaming the babies. It becomes apparent pretty early (lots of 'ummmmmm' and 'liiiiiiiiiiike' gives em away) and I just eject.

12. Beach game is fucking awesome. Ohhhhhh, the bodies!! Holy fuck! I lurve beach game. Did I mention that I love beach game? Haha. I started out using the patented "Scooby Beach Opener" (see this link when I first posted it after my first use of it there's an early field report somewhere there too). Basically it involves rocking up in a pair of board shorts (helps to have a good body) to the beach. Walk past your set, take out your car key and phone from your pocket, look around to see where you can put your belongings, turn around to the set and say "hey guys, can you look after my stuff while I jump in for a swim". Lock in prop! Tease them about how they don"t look all that trustworthy. Go for a quick swim, and come back and say something like "thank fuck my stuffs still here" (smile). You will get giggles. Tease them about getting sand in your phone etc. Then run your routine "hey guys, while I'm here, can I get an opinion on something?". Need to be careful sometimes, look at how many towels there are an lookout for the angry b.f. coming back for a swim (ignore 3 second rule here)

13. meeting a girl 'out of the blue' fits in with girls fantasy of meeting their dream guy by chance (you know how it goes "gee it was incredible, I just met this amazing guy while lining up for coffee, it was amazing. It must be meant to be!" blah blah blah.) But this 'chance' meeting is much more endearing than "yeah I met this guy at the local pub" (where she's met her last 6 boyfriends). This is different!

14. There are a wider range of girls to be gamed in the day, compared to night. A lot a hot chicks don't like the club scene.

15. Sometimes the 3 second rule does not apply. Eg beach

16. Head to head approaches (she walking down the street towards you) (ok these, I admit, are the ones I need to work on. At the moment, I'm just saying 'hi' with a smile. To stop a chick walking in the opposite direction is hard but im going to nail it.

17. The approach may be different depending on location. E.g. chick sitting on park bench - fuckin easy, no problem. Run opener, false time constraint (hey, you've already got a coffee in your hand, you're on your way back to the office right?), sit down, and you're off!

18. Situational openers: the use of these depends on the location I guess. It depends a lot on what level your game is and how confident you are about 'fitting it in' with the current situation. Example: You're standing next to some girl at the traffic lights waiting to cross the road (throw in a neg, make some sort of comment about her or some variation of the usual "nice bag, my grandmas got one just like that"). Easy. Or in a shop, "i need to pick out a present for my female friend, what do you think of this one". Then "Hey while we're talking, how bout I get an opinion on something?". Other times, I can just walk past a set, spin around with a quizzical look as if I just thought of something and say "hey, guys can I get a quick opinion on something?".

19. the locations for day game are only limited to your imagination (shops, gym, street, park, sporting events, bbqs, public transport, the list goes on)

20. Most importantly, have fun!

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