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The Path of Mastery --By Tyler Durden

Outside, the club is pouring out. I see my set walk out, and my girl is making out with the AMOG. She is all over him, and her friends are with their guys as well. I wait for the burn of exasperation to set in. How could a girl that I connected with so well do this to me? She told me that she rarely connects with a guy this strongly. She told me that I was so hot and that she was so excited to meet me. I should be so angry. I should be so deflated. I should feel just like the guy that I blew out at the previous club. But it doesn't come. Those thoughts just don't come. I've been here so many times. I've felt this extreme frustration and letdown and pummelling of ego so many times. I've also felt so much success. I know that it's not me. It's a force of nature. It's purely a cause and effect reaction. The feelings don't come. In the back of my mind I wait for the feelings to come, but they just don't anymore. That's not me anymore. I may be the same person that I was two years ago, but internally I am much more steady. I feel rational and in the mood to play. He will lose no matter what. In the same way that a trained fighter's skill, speed, and strength dictates that he will beat me in combat, I will best this guy for this cute girl. It is inevitable, and my knowledge of that is derived from past experience. Both the acceptance that if I allow my emotions to rule me I will lose, and the knowledge that I legitimately do have the ability to win. It has been the case in the past, and will therefore likely be the case in the future. It is a pure knowledge that comes only from repetitive experience.

I walk over, and she sees me. She keeps making out with her new guy and downplays that I am re-approaching. His game is good. I re-initiate, and he cleverly jokes with her and throws her over his shoulder and moves her across the crowd. She giggles and loves it. Very alpha. I have done this so many times myself when the roles have been reversed. It is a great move. How could I not love this guy? Too bad. I wait, and assess the situation. I look at the guys' energy, and decide what level I will have to go in at to match it. I look the set straight on, and walk over with both hands pointing out at her. I re-open with an opinion opener and I cut over the guy so hard he can't get a word in. I am timed. Every time that he tries to cut in, I cut over harder and sharper. It appears unintentional, as though I am just an alpha guy in his own reality. My projection perfect. She shoves him off and comes over to me. The tug of war is on. I bang out piece after piece of highly polished 100% foolproof high-octane material, and move my body language sideways so she is faced away from him. I continue to talk as I walk backwards slowly. She follows. He tries to cut back in, but she won't give him the time of day. He is confused, and walks off. I have my girl now, and tell her that she is very bad but that I don't hate. She is just a confused little girl, I know, and used him as a club make out guy for a joke but really likes me. Sure, whatever she needs to believe that I believe. I make her kiss my neck because I don't want fresh AMOG-cooties, and ask her what she's going to do with that silly guys' number. She says that he is a loser, and that she wants to hang with me. Erased. Classic backwards rationalization. Whatever. She calls me this morning. It's on for this weekend if I am interested. I get a call from the first set as I write this post as well. It's on for tonight with them too. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics