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6 ways to initiate Approaches

This is often the ONLY way).


Best for lone girls sitting down, but can be used for groups. Basically the "plunk down" approach. I'll walk up, and make it look like I'm utterly bored or maybe even exasperated, and am willing to chat her so that she can AMUSE me - IOW, that I'm going to emotionally leech off her. If I see a girl in a food court or a cafeteria, I'll just PLUNK down (*obviously* sit down right at her table, making no excuses for it), take a deep breath, and make some FUNNY comment that shows I'm bored or tired, and taking a break to chat her purely to amuse myself. Perhaps I'll make her listen to my problems or stories, or tease her just for fun.. etc. etc..

When you initially sit down at her table or beside her on a bench or whatever, she'll look at you funny of course. So when you sit down, you do it in semi (not TOO MUCH, but make it obvious) exaggerated tired/or/fedup mode.

"That's it.. I can't even LOOK at another page of this fucking constructivism

paper.. alright, do you know any girls looking support me while I pursue a singing career?? Seriously, I'm gonna start a new BOYBAND.. I've *just* decided.." (make up funny group name PARTICULAR to you, and then break into Kooper C&F Frames) "We'll be called the 'x-whatever-boys' You can tour with us.. do you know how to be a manager?? No actually you look more like a groupie.. yeah wait a sec, you're totally groupie material.. you are definetely BAD.." Or ANYTHING that you can think of involves her supporting/helping you (IE: your reason for approaching), since you're fed up with what you're doing, and C&Fframe roleplay it out..

SIDENOTE: For some reason when you call girls "bad" it seems to crack them up.. again, I have no idea why, but it seems to have something to do with C&F roleplaying, that they can imagine that they are "badgirls".. I remember one of my GFs saying that she wanted to be like the evil Nazi blonde girl from 'Die Hard 3'.


Basically, you just make a C&F observation on something, to make it look like

you are AMUSING YOURSELF. Again, this has to be *COCKY* funny, and not just a joke, otherwise you can't play at all hard to get, since the power is in her

court. As with most C&F, this approach will often scare off any chick that has LSE, or anything under a high calibre HB8.

Go in SEMI SIDEWAYS, and turn as she turns.


-GROCERY STORE: pick up the cat food and say "this stuff is SO good".. she'll laugh and make a look, and you say "I mean for my CAT.." and then do a bodyturn-around takeaway where you turn your back to her and pretend that she's too lame to talk to.

-CLOTHING STORE: put on a RIDICULOUS article of clothing, and pose in it.. ask her what she thinks. If you're at a store with urban gear, pick the XXXL and throw it on.. Tell her that you're going to be a rapper (break into C&F @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics