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6 ways to initiate Approaches

frames).. Put on 4 watches on each arm, wear the hat sideways. Of try on ANYTHING that *clearly* does not suit you. Like an old man shirt, and say "I'm ready to hit the LINKS"

-CD STORE: pickup an Ashanti or Britney CD, and say "this is AWESOME".. she'll look at you weird, and then you just crack up..

-CAMPUS STREET: Point to a guy walking (NOT a total loser who she will feel sorry for, and think you're a jerk), and make a comment on him. "That guy over

there, that's my buddy  OK listen, he's TOTALLY GAY, and he was just saying that he LOVES those shoes you're wearing.. what kind are they??" She'll reply "sketchers" or something.. Then WAVE at the guy and say 'what's up....' point down very obviously at her shoes and say "sketchers", so that he'll nod half laughing like 'WTF??'.. Now he'll give you that 'this guy is fucking obnoxious' look, and the chick will pickup on it.. Then you say "see... totally

gay" with a FUCKED UP semi-smile and big eyes, where you're holding your face pose for too long, so she'll wonder if you're joking or not and ask you.. Then you use your C&F expressive mode, and keep the joke up.. When she asks you his name, say with gay-accent, "ummm.. Roberto.. or wait, THAD". (this approach can sometimes piss off certain girls, but ALL street approaches where you stop a girl on the move have that possibility.. If you know of any that don't, post them, cause I'm clueless)

ANYWHERE: Point at a "wigger/rapper/skateboarder" kid (kid with baggy jeans that show his underwear), and say "plummer in training"... This is a decent line, but its more in the C&F DELIVERY than the line. The David D "J-Lo is in the house" or "what do you think?? 900 pounds??" is a similar approach. Just make fun of something, so long as its harmless. It makes you look like the jerk-alpha captain of the football team, that she dreamed about in high school.


If you see a chick you like, throw snowball at her or drive your shopping cart into her. Walk through her and give coy smile, or grab magazine out of her hand and bop her on the head with it. As you bop her, smile and say "Cosmo?!?! aaahfff/.. Loser! !"

You can be facing her directly, it doesn't matter.

A non-facing directly way would be to tap her on the WRONG shoulder, and laugh at her while she tries to figure out who did it. "I can't believe that still works!" (transition into childhood regressions, Kooper's C&F frames)


For lone girls. Good in LINEUPS, or BOOKSTORES. When you're beside her (because of the line, or perhaps the book), go into Gunwitch type sexual state, so that you appear kind of sophisticated. A little bit lower bedroom type tone, face forward but turn your head sideways. You're both positioned in one direction, but turn your heads towards eachother to talk. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics