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6 ways to initiate Approaches

Your PURPOSE for talking, is that you're thinking of something FASCINATING/INTERESTING.

Comment on how fascinating something is. "I just saw the most *fascinating* thing." If you're stuck, then go into Jamie Lee Curtis Opener, or Lord of the

Rings Opener. Better yet, comment on something in the CONTEXT, such as the book that she's reading and how its fascinating, or how something relates to

something else.

A great one is to bullshit some kind of historical context to something that you're looking at. If you're in a big American city, you can say that a famous mobster got gunned down. If you're in Europe, you can bullshit some kind of fascinating art-history reference, about some guy committing suicide over a lost love or something.

If she doesn't buy it, then move into C&F style where you make fun of how you B.S.'ed her and tease that she's gullible. -OR-, just shift into that ANYWAY, regardless of whether she buys it or not.

Also if she's relaxed on a couch or something, just make a comment on how relaxing something is.. If she stretches "it feels so good to have a good

stretch", etc... Its LOW-KEY shit, for LOW-KEY SITUATIONS where busting out all obnoxious-like is inappropriate, and possibly not the way that she wants to be approached given her mind-state.

Same goes for old Mystery line for the gym, "You know, I think that most people here are probably thinking about like, how they're gonna get like this wicked body.. or like.. maybe how they'll make a bunch of $$$.. what are YOU thinking about?".... Its LOW KEY.

This is basically the format that GUNWITCH talks about, in "The Gunwitch Method" text. He discusses doing PU at magazine racks, and this is how I initiate GMW PUs, except perhaps with something even more neutral if its going to be PURE GMW. (often, I use pure-neutral GMW, when I get that chick-radar thing that FORMHANDLE was discussing, where the chick is subconsciously inviting a PU).


When approaching with a wing, NEVER approach with BOTH PUAs. NEVER NEVER NEVER.. OK, not NEVER.. but RARELY.

The SOLE way that I can think of for approaching 2 at a time, is as you're walking by, start cracking up with your wing, and go "guys guys guys.. OK get


this.. we're debating.. this is MAAAAAD important! (wait for intrigued/shocked look).... do you brush before floss, or floss before

brush???"     or you can say "guys, guys.. this guy is thinking of doing

something EXTREME.. he's gonna dye his hair TOTALLY BLONDE for TV... what's the

verdict???"... but that's *only* AS YOU'RE WALKING BY.. You can't approach people huddled into their little AFC-club circles like that, and have it open consistently.

Now that aside, the PROPER way to approach when you have a wing is to approach ONE at a time, or barring that, to IMMEDIATELY FRACTIONATE.

That means, that one guy approaches, and after roughly 2-minutes, your buddy walks up, leans his elbow on your shoulder, and says "what's up buddy??".. You make it look like you're the two coolest guys in the world, and you're totally the A-Crowd, and you're chatting eachother. Then, you fill in your wingman on the convo, and get his opinion. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics