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6 ways to initiate Approaches

If you approach BOTH at the same time, IMMEDIATELY FRACTIONATE. That means

that one of the wings says "I'll be back in a bit.." and leaves.. THEN he comes back.

In correspondence with No9, I asked him what he thought of this issue (given a very funny fuckup that we'd had that previous weekend).. He wrote back:

"YES. 1 guy should approach, then the other drops in. PERIOD. That should be our MO always. hell, they shouldn't even notice the two of us together until the 2nd guy redezvous up. We will take turns approaching. They all know that they are being gamed, but just like you can stroke a trapped rabbit so that's its relaxed before you break its neck, you need to lead them on a gradual slope where they forget .. just like when you're watching a really good movie, you don't bust out thinking, "what is this shit? you can't get superpowers from a radioactive spider."   " (No9)

So as you can see, the prob with 2 guys approaching is that it has PREDATORY written all over it, which at clubs is often detrimental.

By Tyler Durden @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics