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Approaching Chicks With Their Dates/BoyFriends

AGAIN though, problems CLOSING.. Attracting is NO PROB, but CLOSING is harder..

But just TRY.. chat the guy, diss up the chick with negs and teases like crazy, and OBLIQUELY tell the guy COOL things about yourself so that the chick will over hear.. it looks like you're just CHATTING and being SOCIAL, but you're really obliquely conveying higher value to the chick, and teasing/negging/challenging/qualifying her, to get her all turned on.

Again, teasing the girl while ignoring her and chatting the dude:

1)  disarms the dude

2)  attracts the girl

Remember, sit or stand FACING the guy.

-ACrowd routine, say guy is in A_Crowd with you

-gay cockblock routine

-call chick powerpuff girl

-call chick badgirl

-say "wait your turn.. is she always like this?" to the guy

-she'll qualify herself to you, then say "is she trying to impress me?? does she really have that??"

All this DISARMS the guy, while ATTRACTING the girl..

Then just say "dude.. I think I fucking MAD pissed off your girl.. look, I'll give her a palm reading under that light over there, just to give her some special attention, so she doesn't like totally freak out.. cool?" I don't even like palm-reading for my style, but I'll use it as an excuse to isolate the chick, no doubt.

Then meet-close her in isolation (unless you think she'll run and escape out of the club with you, which has happened to me).. don't try to #close, since she might LIVE with the dude..

*OR*, if you have a Sony Cliee, you can let her secretly punch in her # by first teasing her, and then FINALLY after she BEGS, showing her the digital photo routine after you showed her BF first, and prompting the phone# thing to come up.. take a chance, and see if she'll enter it.. say "are you cool enough to be in here?"

So hopefully these are encouraging stories, and you'll post some FRs of your own about chicks you picked up in front of their boyfriends..

Good luck with it, and I think you have a good attitude for rising to the fun challenge. Think of it as LESS intimidating to approach a girl with a boyfriend, since *obviously* NOBODY would do something like that if their intention was to pickup.

Personally I think its alot of fun to do this, because I can remember a year ago when I was scared to even approach a lone chick.. and now I can PU them right off a boyfriend.. fun shit.

By  Tyler Durden

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