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A list of tips about Approaching

6. Remove excess hair -- If you have any hint of your eyebrows touching, wax or shave them so there is separation. Nose and ear hairs are sexy to NO ONE. Make sure your sideburns, if you have them, have a neat line and definition and are at the same length on each side. Most women prefer shaved chests too, though this depends somewhat on individual preferences.

7. Squelch acne -- First, if you're still getting acne, see a dermatologist. Second, for your acne scars, consider laser skin care (expensive) or makeup (cheap). Get a female friend to help you buy a cover up stick and some powder. You can make your zits vanish for the night.

8. Whiten your teeth -- It's cheap and easy. Go through your dentist, not those white strips. No excuses.

9. Work out -- No excuses. Just do it.

10. Glasses -- Glasses are sexy on some men. They are not on most men. Try contacts or surgery. Savoy tells me that of the bootcamp students he's seen, in 8 months he's told dozens of guys to take off their glasses. Only two guys looked as good or better with their glasses back on.

11. Relax -- Have you done all of this? Great. Now you're out meeting women, don't worry about this anymore. You've done the best you can with what you have. Girls WILL notice. A 6 who takes care of himself (and looks like an 8 because of it) is infinitely more attractive to a woman than an 8 who is a slob (and stays an 8).

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