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Curing Rejection

Detatch from the outcome. That's right. You have to absolutely not care how the situation turns out. It's nothing to do with you. She doesn't even know you. If you care in anyway then you're linking YOUR confidence and YOUR validation and YOUR sense of your social status to the interaction. Detatching is a huge step in making rejection a thing that happens to other people. Make meeting woman your experiment, your video game.

Here's the big one:

REFRAME (that's from NLP) rejection. Once you're detatched from rejection you'll be able to do some miraculus things. For a start you can begin to see rejection as funny. Visualise being blown off outrageously and find it really really funny. Keep doing this until it actually is funny.

Now that you've got that belief use it in your desensitisation. If you ever get (note the inverted commas) 'rejected' laugh. Do it right in front of the girl. That'll send her for a loop. Sometimes the fact that they have no power to destroy your ego and blow you off actually shows them your higher value and they'll become very into you. If not - beauty is common. She didn't know you. And hell do you want a biatch like that in your life?

Achieving the maximum effect from desensitisation and reframes: Wingmen (or just your peer group). Wingmen are better because they're in on the game and 'get it' so they'll find it just as funny and RESPECT you for going up and asking in the first place. If your friends are worth having they'll laugh at it with you. Make sure you put it accross as this really funny thing that psycho biatch from hell said that was so funny. They'll see you don't care. They're the people you'll go back and laugh at it with and guess what....They're your REAL social group.

Enlightenment dawns:

So if you can use the wingman crutch it's very powerful. Suddenly your social group enjoys when women blow them off. It's funny. It really is now, because it's a fun thing you talk about with your mates. It's a thing you laugh about thinking or reading about and even when it happens. You're reprogramming of your brain is nearly complete. Suddenly approaching women is fun and funny and rejection isn't an issue. You're gaining experience. You're desensitising yourself entirely.

There's one more thing left to handle. You're still using crutches.

Defeat wingman Dependance:
The thing is this way is the best way to help you get round feeling rejection. but you want to be alpha in and of yourself. What you're really doing with the wingman crutch is transferring desire for approval from the woman to your mates. Now you also should have been working on internal locus of control and not needing approval. That will help you with being independant of even your wingman's approval.

Start gaming on your own. Come back and tell your wingmen about it. That means you still have the crutch to a lesser degree. Eventually you'll start to get the satisfaction on your own.

Eventually you won't need them.

Now you have to begin mental rehersals of your wingmen dissing you (which no descent wingman will ever do) and reframe that as funny. It doesn't mean don't take their advice.

A good wingman is a man's best friend.

It does mean that if ever you end up separated from them or falling out with them there's no danger of a complete PUA meltdown.
It'll make you more alpha in your group.
When you've done this process read the statement again:
'There is no such thing as rejection'
Now you can believe it.

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