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Neg Collection II

Retro: To group: Shit, nobody told me it was retro night, must not have gotten the memo.

Rolex: She's wearing a watch: Hey what time is it? (Look at her watch closely.) I didn't know Rolex made plastic watches!! (Turn around immediately but don't walk away.)

Roll: How do you roll with her? Y'know, you can dress her up but you can't take her out.

Ruined: I can't believe you said that! And I thought we have something here.. you had to ruin it!

Sale: Did you get your earrings (scarf, shoes, boob job, etc.) on sale somewhere? Her: Blah. You: You're the 3rd girl here wearing those same ones, I thought maybe they were on clearance somewhere.

Sexy: Wow.. you're sexy... almost as sexy as me.

Shirt: I just saw a girl wearing that exact same shirt over there!

Shirt, Pirate: I love your shirt, there was a girl in Pirates of the Carribean who wore the exact same one.

Shirt, Terrible: That shirt looks fucking terrible on you. (Then don't give her much attention.)

Shoes: Cool shoes...Are those size 10s?

Shoes, Bowling: Those are some great shoes... I used to have a pair just like them but they made me return them after the tenth frame...

Shoes, Comfort: Those shoes look really comfortable.

Shoes, Dorothy: Does Dorothy know you have her shoes?

Shoes, Elf: Damn, those are some pointy ass mug an elf on your way over here for those?

Shoes, Glass: All strippers have the same see-through glass shoes.

Shoes, Oriental: Tell me, did those come with a free magic carpet?

Shoes, Weapons: Dancing or about to dance with a girl: Those are some sharp looking heels you're wearing there...I don't know if I can dance with someone who's wearing what can be construed as weapons.

Shy: To obstacles: You girls need to get her out more and break her out of her shell.

Sister: She's grabby or interrupts: Guys, she's totally like my little sister... Cute. (Playful.) And annoying. (Serious.) How do you roll with her?

Skinny: To the friend: You're friend's kinda skinny... but she has a nice body.

Smell: I love how your smell, it's pretty strong. (Then fake-sneeze.)

Smell, Chalupa: Do you work at taco bell? Her: No why!? You: I'm pretty sure I smelled chalupa. (Don't use on hispanic girls.)

Smoke: Hey so you don't smoke do you? Or: Do you smoke? (Look serious, quizzicaly, almost frowning.)

Socks: Are you wearing......white socks with your black shoes??? That's a fashion suicide.

Spit: Eeww you spit on me! (Playful tone.)

Spit: Oooo...sick. You just spit on me!

Spit, Eye: When she talks, pretend to wipe your eye as if she spit in it. Put on the apropriate face.

Stinks: Sniff air around you. Sniff your shoulder. Lean in little bit and sniff her. Slightly turn around as if she stinks. Don't say anything. Continue talking like normal.

Stumble: She stumbles: First day on your new feet, ah?

Style: I think its great that you are so confident, you can go outside in whatever you want regardless of whats in style.

Talk: You talk a lot.

Talkative: To obstacles: Does she have an off button?

Talking: Hello...I'm talking...Geez.

Tall: You're nearly as tall as me...I like tall girls. Are those 3 or 4 inch heels?

Tall, Basketball: You must be a very confident woman? to be as tall as you are and still wear high heels. You played basketball in high school didn't you?

Tan: Touch her arm: Is that a real tan? Her: It's real.. You: Yeah.. I know..

Tan, Spray: Hey nice that a real one or a spray on one? Her: Spray on. You: Wow...It's amazing what a can of spray can do these days. Or: Her: Real. You:'s hard to tell because the spray on ones look just like the real ones.

Teeth: You've got something in your teeth (on your lip, chin, cheek, etc.) Matter of fact voice.

Teeth: Stop mid-sentence: ... I'm standing here looking at you and I've got to tell you. (pause, as if about to AFC compliment) You've got something in your teeth...right in the middle....yeah, there. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics