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Ask a hot girl to watch your stuff

Grim Reaper Dude: Here is the deal, every time I go out, I seem to exude some sort of "nice guy" vibes, its sickening, don't get me wrong I am a nice guy, I just don't want women to find this out so easily.... like at 500 yards, they pick up my scent.  Nice guy 2 o' clock ----> Case in point, me and my two friends Ed and Steve, We go to the local topless bar to hand out money.  There is this chick, a customer, prolly bi, She is sitting at the table in front of us with two guys, well the guys leave (restroom break, whatever) , she turns to me and asks me if I will watch her purse while she goes to the bathroom.

Style: Dude, Try looking at this way. She waited until her guy friends left, and then turned to talk to you. Sure, maybe she thought you were a nice guy, but she clearly wanted to meet you and talk to you. Otherwise, it would have been very easy for her to take her purse to the bathroom by herself. This is a total PUA tactic: I always ask a hot girl to watch my stuff while I go to the bathroom or into the pool or wherever, to set it up so that I can talk to them when I come back. Think about it Grim Reaper: you're sitting there worrying about how YOU look and appear when, if you paused for a moment and got outside of your worries, you would have realized that a girl in a strip club was hitting you--and a bi one who's probably a lot of fun, too. Even if by some small miracle she WASN'T really hitting on you, assume that she was and proceed accordingly. Sure, work out: but not to attract chicks, just to feel better about yourself. The fact is that looking like a nice guy can work too, because it makes chicks lower their defenses.

Once again I don't want to be a jerk, an asshole, I just want women to maybe have to think for more than 2 minutes before they stuff me in a category that I don't want to be in.

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