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Social Proof

Specialist: You're looking to work HBPet9. You're figuring to use social proof. Your question is whether you can pull it off with HBCookie7.5, or do you really need to be seen with HBPlaymate10? So, if you have HBCookie7.5 and HBPlaymate10 on tap, why aren't you sarging THEM? Could your REAL problem be (gasp) "one-itis"? SERIOUSLY, what the target chick is looking for in the social proof thing is whether the proof chick is having fun around you. AND I'll tell you something else. 7.5 vs 9.5 is more than covered by the difference made by a chick smiling and laughing and having fun. HBCookie7.5 obviously having a great time with a great guy, even if he isn't working her, will help your case with HBPet9 a lot more than HBPlaymate10 in tow and obviously not having that great a time. Oh, and what happens if some AMOG sees HBPlaymate10 not having a great time with this loser AFC, and decides to put in a little skills practice, with her as the target and you as the BF to be BF-destroyed?

Juggler: In general the more beautiful the girl the better. You may find that bringing a girl with you for social proof will not work as well as meeting girls there. A new girl will be much more interested and captivated by you.

Here is an example. I am talking with two very attractive girls. I take a break from them to turn around and speak with two other girls... maybe 5's. I do this all the time. Not part of a scheme. Just being outgoing with everybody. Well, these two non-attractive girls were pretty fun and I liked them immediately (not in a sexual way of course). Anyway, we are talking and my interrupts and tells me the two hot girls want to know something. I just put my finger up to tell him just a minute I am in a conversation here.

So eventually I turn back around and the first thing out of the hot girls on the left's mouth was to ask me if I am seeing anybody. Very bold sign of interest. So of course I gave her the girlfriend test. Thought about it later, there was probably alot going on in her mind. I was sort of demonstrating social proof with the unattractive girls while at the same time doing a neg hit on the hot girl and a take -away.....all that stuff that many guys here like to break down. But the point is, you do not have to figure it all out and force it to work for you. Just be outgoing and chat it up with many people and it will work for you unconsciously. This will leave you to concentrate on the important part of your game... being seductive.

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