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How to Transite to Natural Game

Affecting her Emotions:

It is a well known fact that we should engage girls on an emotional level. Touch her emotions. Trigger her emotions, yet people are still confused about how to actually do this. You don't 'talk about emotions' with her. You cause her to experience different emotions through a variety of ways. Off the top of my head I can think of:

-Displaying your emotions through facial expression and tonality when you tell stories -Talking about your passions, let's her have a taste of your potential emotions directed toward her -Being unpredictable, her uncertainty will cause emotional response in her -Creating situations where she experiences an emotion (ex. SOI'ing her and then not calling her for a few days - she's ecstatic, and then curious and scared)


There is no set structure to pick-up. We are artists, remember? You are creating the experience for her so that it is unique. It's fine to follow a predictable structure at the lower levels, but it's like a kata in martial arts. When it comes down to real world situations, while having a loose structure you must adapt and improvise in an aesthetic way. Take pride in your work and create a wonderful EXPERIENCE for the woman. Give her the fantasy. Allow her dreams to come true. Be that man she's been waiting for.

Closing / Venuechanging:

The state of mind you should have when interacting with a chick should be one of 'relaxed and relished certainty'. Don't rush things. Don't 'watch' for IOI's. In other words, you shouldn't be dependent on her, or too reactive to her. Imagine being a hunter with a high powered rifle, and you're hunting a dear in some enclosed space. You know that any moment you CAN kill the dear - but instead you choose to relax and enjoy the experience because of that certainty. You continue to relish in the experience, enjoy the chase, and do it when at the absolute perfect moment. It also reminds me of having some kind of dessert or maybe a delicious bottle of champagne that you could open at any moment and enjoy, but you put it off, because you're enjoying the anticipation so much. Treat closing a woman exactly the same as these types of moments. Enjoy your interaction with her being 100% certain that it will lead where you want it to later on.

5. The Continuous Flow of Action

One thing I am realizing over and over again:

*The time factor is completely irrelevant to pickup.*

Time is usually a huge limiting belief for most people. People generally feel that girls need some quantity of time in order to:

-become attracted -become comfortable -leave a venue with you -provide contact information that won't flake -become turned on

This again, is leftover society programming. Let go of the need to make pickup difficult or complicated. In some ways it is kinda complex, but release the desire to make it so.

My flaking ratio is very good. Not 100% perfect, but pretty damn close. The average time it takes for me to get a non-flaking phone number is between 30 seconds and 5 minutes. No more - it's just not necessary. Let me explain why:

After a first meeting, she is going to walk away with some kind of impression - a memory of the encounter. Now the way the mind works, is that it distorts time around really strong impressions. We remember each event as a series of mental pictures and sounds with varying intensities. The intensity is determined by the emotions present at the time, and how rare or scarce those emotions are. If you walk up to her like no man ever has, and completely rock her world for a few moments, thrilling her with your masculine vibe, she will never forget you!

Thinking back to the encounter, it's very hard to determine time objectively. She's not thinking "Well, he walked up, and said a few things to me, but only stayed and talked for 3 minutes. I don't think I should meet with him - that's not enough time." What she is thinking is "Wow, this guy came up to me, and he was amazing. It was so romantic and seemed so right. He was cute, charming, and he made me feel so good. I can't wait to see him again!" @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics