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How to Transite to Natural Game

Only do what you need to create a strong impression on her - and that impression is completely time-independent. It is more based on:

Visual Impression / Identity - BL, style, facial expressions Auditory Impression - tonality, pacing and rhythm Emotional Content - vibe, connection, expression of emotion Continuous Flow of Action ->

The Continuous Flow of Action is a fancy way of explaining 'smoothness', and it achieves a couple different things: -Let's you take the lead and control the encounter -Allows her logical mind to shut off -Let's her trust you and feel comfortable immediately -Makes everything seem 'right' and natural

A continuous flow of action is best described by a LACK of the following things: -weird pauses and indecision -hesitation -waiting -looking for approval or other responses (IOI's) -overanalysis -overthinking

While you should not do these things, it is even more important that SHE does not do these things. In order to achieve a continuous flow of action, you need a minimal structure, quick responses and a lot of confidence. I will illustrate with a few examples.

Cold Approach (Assuming time is important)

Guy walks up, delivers opener goes into story.
Girl reacts positively.
Guy feels he needs more attraction, goes into another story, irrelevant to first one.
Girl reacts positively again.
Guy waits, thinks of what to do next.
Guy starts getting some rapport, asks questions.
Guy waits some more thinking he needs more time for a solid close.
Guy asks some more questions, unsure if she's attracted enough, looking for IOI's.
Girl is confused about his lack of confidence and doesn't understand his true intentions so says she's gotta go.
Guy tries last ditch effort and attempts to close.
Girl doesn't give number, because she's being congruent with step 9.
Cold Approach (Continuous Flow of Action)

Guy walks up, delivers opener goes into story.
Girl reacts positively.
Without hesitation, guy immediately starts to connect, asking basic questions. (School, work, etc)
Guy teases a bit about her answers.
Guy realizes he doesn't have much to say, so gets to the point.
Guy says "Well I'm off to meet some friends, but let's do coffee sometime."
Because guy is clear and confident, girl agrees, solid close.
Back to your place (Assuming time is important)

Guy walks girl into his place.
Girl sits down on couch, guy does also.
Guy thinks about what routine he needs to spike BT.
Guy starts spouting non-sequitur routine to give her time to be turned on.
Girl confused, closes up a bit.
Guy not seeing IOI's, waits, thinks of another routine, starts to deliver it.
Girl gets up and says she has to go.
Back to your place (Continuous Flow of Action)

Guy walks girl to his place.
Guy tells girl to take her shoes off.
Guy sits her in front of the tv, and turns it on.
Guy goes to fridge and prepares 2 glasses of red wine.
Guy comes back and toasts to good times.
Guy tells short joke, girl laughs.
Guy goes for kiss.
The idea is that you provide her with instructions at every point and make it clear how she should respond. Intentions are always clear, actions are always confident and calculated. The man knows the entire plan from point A to point B, and always assumes she's ready to go. No hesitation, no indecisiveness. This is truly what attracts women - much much more than *any* canned material. Her emotions are engaged 150% on overdrive. You are putting her IN THE ROMANCE NOVEL.

By Woodhaven

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