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Active Disinterest

I've seen some posts lately about what is better, going to the target or engaging the whole group. The answer is to use your brain and common sense. Do what is natural and the path of least resistance in the particular situation.

The only rule of pickup is to be clearly cooler than the girl (I recall David D calling this "The Prime Directive: Never communicate lower social value"). That being the case, take the path of least social resistance, based on what you can tell will obviously work. Many of the rules of pickup as seen on ASF are generalities and ideas that are intended to make things run more smoothly, but always need to be moderated by common sense.

My personal most common approach on guy/girl mixed sets is to engage the group, but the second the guy gives tacit consent to me being there, I blow him out on the spot and engage the girl directly. This takes only seconds. Typically I prefer for him to stay there, because I can eclipse him so strongly that him sitting there watching me only increases my status. This is like striking out like a tiger or something. Like seriously, you go in and come across way cooler than the guy within seconds, and the instant that he obviously is lower than you he is tooled and you cut into the girl and go for it. Still, if I see the girl is going crazy getting all wet by me ignoring her, I'll keep it up. Some girls are just like that, and if I see it I calibrate by playing it out. Or the dude may be just a cool guy, in which case I'll hang with him and I know he'll hook me up (which has happened to me many times). Either way, when Mystery posts about engaging the group, he is not advising the kind of Social Robot behaviours that Style recently posted about. Have I mentioned common sense? : )

3- "Cutting in". This term is something I yell at my wings when I see them f*cking up and not cutting into the girl they want. You'll hear me yell "CUT IN!"

On average, I need only engage the group between 30 seconds to 3 minutes before I have the girl I want chasing me. Mystery is the same. He's usually in the corner with his girl in about 3-5 minutes, and making out with her in about 6-15. I differ slightly in that I prefer to extract the girl from the club and makeout at the next venue, which I do within about 20 minutes, although admittedly I'll do fast makeouts on workshop just to show off even though I don't always think its the best path at that time.

This is where many guys go wrong with the active disinterest. I want the girl close to me ASAP (within 6 inches of my face). The few ways I do this would include:

A-CUTTING IN: To cut in means to move closer to the girl, without being jumpy or nervous or getting too much in her face. It's like how you would walk up to and pick up a cat without making it run off. I do so by turning my face sideways and looking distracted for about half a second, and then closing in. Or turning my bodylanguage, or doing it on high points when she's giggly because she's suggestible at that point and if she's giggly she won't object to escalation because she's not thinking logically. Because I don't shoot into her face too abruptly, she doesn't get uncomfortable. This is done with bodylanguage. Very easy. Most guys make mistakes here because they infringe on personal space too quickly, the girls lock up. Also, because they don't look confident, it looks premeditated and too outcome dependent, which makes the girls feel uncomfortable like "What's he trying to pull?" instead of "This fun alpha guy does whatever the f*ck he wants and I don't question it because he's congruent."

Typically, I will have the girl engaged with my palms up and her hands on mine, so I can do IOI tests regularly to see where she's at. The second she's ready to be pulled, I examine the social situation and make it happen or bridge and then venue change, continue to solidify the bridge, or move to the next set. Oftentimes I am perched on a bar stool with my legs open and her leaning in between them. This is the IDEAL PUA position, and is very important. If you read Herbals latest LR in Field Reports, you'll see him talking about Mystery in this position, which is something I adopted from him and I've found very lethal. It's also great on so many levels, because you can also put her hands on your knees, and lean back to see if she keeps them there, etc., etc. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics