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Active Disinterest

B-Use a routine: Another quick way is to run the trust test routine or something (like show her something on herself), to make her have to come up to you in order for you to demonstrate whatever it is you're doing. Again, quick and easy.

C-Bait: The other way is something that you don't do, but that just happens. That's that oftentimes the girl will see her friends liking you, and because of this she'll practically start molesting you. This is very common. The other night Twentysix is working a group, and the hottest girl attacks him and pulls him home and f*cks him within 45 minutes. Surprisingly not uncommon, although the latter case is an obvious case of fool's mate, even though the 2 dash 6 is still happily dating her now.

D-Split the set with my wing: Here you just have a wing come in and chat the girls but ignore your girl, and you just move your bodylanguage sideways and engage her in a conversation, so you can work easily here.

Notice here that regardless of how it goes down, I'm face to face with the girl within seconds to a few minutes (usually seconds to one minute). This is not a case where I'm forced to engage the set for long. It's simple social common sense to work social gatherings and to take the path of least resistance. You need not do so, its just often easier and more consistent if you do. Yes, girls are picked up without group theory or any knowledge of ASF, so the aforementioned remarks are obvious truisms. The point is ease and consistency.

The same goes for not facing the girls when you roll in. I've seen guys who have read old posts of mine where I've suggested to enter the set initially sideways. This is the path of least resistance, and there is definitely no harm done in doing so, but oftentimes it can help to make it open more smoothly. That said, it is important not to forget the part from that same post about "The second she earns it, turn and face her". Her giving you her attention (Style calls this the "Hook Point") will usually happen within 1-15 seconds, and at that point you should be engaging them completely, and running your game on them. If it takes longer, wait. But that's an error at that point, and you're in damage control (still, I've pulled many sets that opened awkwardly).


Get the girl engaged ASAP. Active Disinterest does not mean that you are A-Sexual. Use active disinterest and engage the group when common sense tells you that it is the path of least resistance. If her interest level is at a point where you need not do so, then don't. Mystery himself has done this as long as I've known him, and guys need not be concerned about losing sets by doing so. If you detect that the friends WILL interfere, you can also re-engage them easily if you feel that that is the best move.

Anyway, hopefully this had some useful distinctions to some of you guys. To me this seems very obvious, but after browsing some recent posts and seeing some guys in the field who had no previous real life interactions with PUAs, I felt that it was something may have been in need of clarification.

I also recommend that guys go out and experiment with both extremely direct sexual approaches, and group theory / AD approaches. This is the only way to gain calibration skills -> experimentation.

By Tyler Durden This article was originally posted on You may find more articles by Tyler Durden in the Archive Search or the Poster Zip Archives. 

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