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One should NEVER compliment anatomy

author:       "Mystery"
date:            Wed, 23 Sep 1998 04:00:00 GMT
subject:       Re: From experience

>Just say something like 'Hi girl, I
just had to tell you that you look stunning. What's your name ?'

this is already 10 times better than the excuse me shit but this too isnt on the mark because one should NEVER compliment anatomy. EVER. Compliment style or hair colour or something but not her looks. EVER!

>Never just tell her your name, ask hers and make her ask yours. If she doesn't ask, she's not interested, in this case, either talk some more to interest her, which will make her ask your name, or if she still doesn't, greet her and walk off.

yes. dont expect her to give a shit about you without having some sort of your wonderful personality conveyed to her. talk for at least 45 seconds and make her laugh and have a smile and look confident before the name exchange. dont ASK her name. tell yours and wait. but this IS a test to see her interest so you wont pass the test if you START with the test. I call a test like this a PING. Like in IRC, you PING the user and wait for how long it takes to get a response. Tell her your name and you wait to see how she responds. Its called PINGing.

So dont bother opening with a PING. Unless you expect a shitty PONG.

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