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One way to deal with BOTH kinds of LMR

I found one way to deal with BOTH kinds of LMR. I don't do the freeze outs or Riker's 3 rules, etc. I found that chicks really just want a VERBAL reassurance, that's all.

Here's a couple of examples:

Once at a night club I get hit on by a party chick and we've been talking and kinoing each other for about 20 min.

HB: We better be careful about where this is going.
RJ(remove kino but no freeze out): Ah it's OK, we don't have to have sex.
HB(looking stunned): But what if I want sex though?!!
RJ(fire up kino again): Well that can be arranged too! Let's get outta here!

Grab her hand, out the club, into a cab and back to my place to take care of business! :)

Last week, I get hit on by a chick who's friend I hooked up with a few months ago. This chick is NOT the party type as she's completely sober and telling me how jealous she was of her friend getting with me when I was totally her type! :)

Anyways she was looking for a relationship with me. We left the club to get coffee and we got kino and make out happening:

RJ: Hey, you think you can give me a ride home later.
HB: Sure.
RJ: Since you live outside of town and it's getting late, why don't you spend the night at my place and drive home in the morning.
HB: But we've only just met.
RJ(remove kino): Ah it's OK, we don't have to have sex.
HB(looking stunned): Well if you don't want to have sex with me, then I'm definitely not going to your place!

So we drive back to my place. Keep in mind that we still haven't exchanged numbers yet. I'm trying to escalate, she's getting horny but keeps resisting her own urges. Finally it's late and she says she really needs to go home. I tell her OK, no problem.

My whole attitude was that it didn't matter one-way or the other if we had sex or not, I was glad to have met her. She goes out the door and waiting for me to suggest that we exchange numbers, but I never do.

I just tell her it was great meeting her and that she should drive carefully since it was dark outside. She leaves as I close the door. 10 minutes later there is a knock on my door, guess who it is? :)

HB: My car won't start, is it OK if I stay here tonight and call a tow truck tomorrow?
RJ: Yeah sure, no problem.

Then she strips down to her thong and jumps into bed with me. We then proceed to get down for the next 4 hours! :)

Would you guys be surprised if I told you that her car MIRACULOUSLY started up the next day? :)

Indifference my brotha! You gotta make it look like sex doesn't matter one way or another to you. Works 2 ways:

1. For the party chicks, it's like a blow to their ego! "Doesn't he find me attractive enough to have sex with or maybe he thinks I'm not good at sex? I'll show him!" :)

2. For normal chicks that want more than just sex, they realize that they will lose you if they don't do what they REALLY wanted to do. The whole reason for them holding out on sex was NOT to lose you in the first place. When you show them that is exactly what will happen if they don't get with it, then they come around! :)

By Razorjack

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