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Forgotten Name


ring, ring, ring

Her: "Hello."

You: "Hello, this is Smithy. Who is this?!" Her: "This is Katie."

You: "Katie! Ha ha, I meant to call my sister. Cell phones are wacky. Sometimes I think we should just use paper cups and string. But I'll deal. You will just have to answer the question I was going to ask my sister. What was I like as a todler? Tell me, was I a loving child?... Anyway, I'll see you Friday."


When you see her:

You: "I have to confess something." Her: "What?"

(You got her full attention at this point. Curiosity is just like attraction. This will off-set you not remembering her name.)

Pause here. Then:

You: (Shaking head regretfully) "I don't remember your name."

It is not neccesarily bad telling her this. Think of it kind of like a NEG.

Just don't be too apologizing about it and make her work to prove herself to you so as to be congruent with using a NEG.

By Jugglar @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics