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Caller ID Block

IF you always work at putting her in the mood there are very few rules that you can not break.

An example, once upon a time I used to fret over caller ID. Should I use *67? Should I just let her see my number on the display. If she doesn't answer should I call back. What is she going to think if she sees my number? If she sees a pattern of ID block she will figure it was me when she picks up a blocked number and it is me. I used to get so stressed.

Now I just call. Let her see the number. Call a few times. I called a girl five times. Got her on the phone finally. She asks if that was me who called all those other times. I said, "Yep. People need to hear my important thoughts asap."

Then I went right into a funny story about my neice. Later in the conversation she got off on my bedroom voice routine. She loved the conversation. She asked me out.

The fact that I called five times like an AFC is washed out by how good I was in the conversation.

So my advice to many people in here is to forget alot of the "rules". Focus on getting real good at putting a woman in the mood. Once you can do that, little else matters.

By Jugglar website:

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